Best Mobile Wallets in India and its Usage

In recent years, people show their interest in making shopping cashless. Yes, the digital platforms are said to be the best thing that doesn’t require carrying money with you all the time. Yes, all you need to have is ATM with you. By just having those cards with you, one can easily get the money in the nearest machines. Even most of the supermarkets and shopping stores are having swipe machines as well to transact the money without any hassles. However, these are things turning out to be the old trend in recent years.

Mobile Wallets

Yes, you heard it right. Nowadays, even most of the people don’t carry ATM cards with them. Instead of them, they will use mobile wallets to make their transactions while shopping in India. So, this thing shows that mobile wallets are slowly replacing the methods of traditional payments. If you are the one who is struggling to find the best mobile wallets in India for regular usage, then without going for a second thought, check out the list discussed below.

Google Pay

As everybody knows this service is from Google and offers great things to experience while sending and receiving the money. Earlier, it was known in the name of Tez. Generally, Google Pay will be working with the support of a bank that is currently in usage. Also, when it comes to using this app, you need to handle with the support of registered phone number. The best thing about this wallet is where one can easily access it without the requirement of KYC. If you use other similar wallets, then you must follow the process of KYC.

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Recently, PayTM has grabbed the attention of people in order to make better transactions like sending and receiving the money in a quick way. PayTM is offering the wallet to store money digitally and do the payments as per wish and convenience. In case, if you want to watch the movie in the theatre, then it is easy for you to make your bookings with the support of the wallet for successful payment at any time. Also, this wallet is highly supportive in terms of handling the bill payments, recharge and more. It is also considered to be one of the important reasons why this wallet is highly popular among the people in India.


More than 25 million users are accessing this wallet every day for payment process. This is the wallet that will be supportive for the people to add money using net banking, debit card and credit card. Even the Mobikwik tied up with small and large grocery, restaurants and more. If you are looking forward to making a recharge, then it is also always possible for the people to make with the support of the wallet at any time. In order to get this app, you need to search for it by visiting the PlayStore to download.

HDFC PayZapp

It is said to be the best payment platform where one can easily use in simple steps. Once the installation is done, make sure to complete the registration process and check out the bank that connected it or not. If it is connected, then it is possible for you to send or receive the money. On the other, you can make your payments for buying tickets, groceries, hotels and more. So, whenever you go, without any money, you can move. When you are looking forward to downloading, then it is possible to install it for free on your device at any time.


From recharges to UPI payments, everybody can be done without any hassles. Also, you can see the simple user interface where anybody can easily access it at any time. In a few years, this application has grabbed the attention of people in terms of offering the best features. If you are looking for money transfer, then it is always easy for the people to make it done with the support of PhonePe at any time. If you are searching for this application to download, then without going for a second thought, PhonePe is always considered to be the best choice.


For the past couple of years, the word called Jio is highly grabbing the attention of people by providing several services and offers to its users. Now, the JioMoney digital wallet is available for Jio users where they can make their bill payment, the transaction of money and recharge at any time. It is the application where you can also witness the regular cashback offers, discounts, deals and more. This thing makes this wallet more popular in recent days among the people.


This wallet application is said to be the growing one among the people when it comes to usage for traveling, shopping, bill payment and more. It is also possible for you to book the tickets for movies, hotels and more. With 13 languages supported, the users of SBI YONO will feel extremely useful and at the same time comfortable on the whole. This amazing wallet application also allows the users to get reminders regarding the money transactions, dues, mini statements, and others.

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Amazon Pay

In order to make your shopping better, then this wallet is the best platform where you can make use of it. Yes, the usage of Amazon for shopping in India is growing day by day. At this stage, the Amazon pay will be supportive of the people to make payment for shopping at any time. Also, it is simple for the people when it comes to using this wallet for better payment.

Wrapping up

So, people who all are struggling to carry the money or missed to carry the ATMs with them while shopping, and then they can go ahead with the Best Mobile Wallets in India. Yes, the above listed mobile wallets are highly going to support in terms of making the transactions without making any issues at any time. Also, the wallets are simple to use at free of cost. 

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