Amazon Kindle 2019 Review

Technology is changing the way we do things and now if you do things with the old methods you will feel odd. From buying DVD’s for every new movie to viewing the movie just by singing into streaming services, we have come a long way but hardcopy of books still remain the same. It will dive you in the same depth every time you open a hardcopy, you will never be bored by the old method. In 2007, Amazon launched Kindle and from the first model Amazon hasn’t aimed at removing that hardcopy like experience instead, they have always worked to re-create the same ultimate hardcopy experience with Kindle.

Amazon Kindle

Amazon launched one of its most popular products, the new Kindle in 2019 or say the 10th generation Kindle with new features like the front light making it the most affordable one in this category. Attractive screen, solid lighting options, and the same old Kindle’s comfortable design make it stand ahead of other models and devices.

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Is this the perfect device for e-readers though? And does it create something new in the e-reading experience? Or does it lack somewhere? Let’s find this out in the full review of the Amazon Kindle 2019.

Design and Build Quality

The design of the new Kindle is approximately the same as that of other models. The dimensions of the new Kindle are 6.3 x 4.5 inch with a thickness of approx. 0.3 inches. It has a resolution of 600 x 800 pixels. One noticeable con is that like Paperwhite or Oasis it doesn’t have a flush-front model design so the generated gap can easily capture the dust. The device is comfortable because of the smooth plastic used in the back which makes it easy to hold and can be fitted easily in backpacks or large jeans pockets. You can get appliances online using Rentickle Coupons.

Talking about physical controls, Amazon has done it a lot simpler this time. One button, only a single power button is provided with the charging USB 2.0 port on the bottom. No other physicals controls are given in the new Kindle. The main plus point of this new Kindle is the front light feature in this price range. Front light feature help in reading comfortably in the dark and is best for night readers. New Kindle has 4 LEDs that project light upward from the bottom for providing an irritation-free reading in the dark experience.

The weight of the new Kindle is also balanced, 174 grams, slightly heavier than the previous generations. The pixel density on the new Kindle is 167 PPI which is almost as same as the 8th generation model and less than the Paperwhite model. Thus, the sharpness of the text is reduced when compared to the Paperwhite model which has 300 PPI.

Performance and Software

Amazon has filled this device with an enormous number of software features. Page Flip lets you see other page’s preview without leaving your current page, Goodreads is now linked with Kindle, definitions from the dictionary can be found within texts, vocab builder and the most interesting feature is the X-ray which can list all places, names in the e-book you are reading and can make a separate book of them.

Large files and images take few more seconds to load but just like other Kindles it also supports a large number of formats like AZW3(Kindle Format), TXT, PDF, DOC, DOX, JPEG and many more. This time Amazon has powered the new Kindle by NXP 6SLL processor with 4GB of storage and 512MB of Ram. Although, only 2.6-2.7GB is given to the user for storing the books.

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The processor is good as page turns faster, it takes less loading time than previous-generation Kindles. You will hardly find any lag while using the device. It also has Bluetooth support and Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n.

Amazon always provides the best battery life in Kindle and the same is in this scenario with this one. You will get an excellent and powerful battery backup for interruption-free reading. The battery of the new Kindle is 1040mAh. Brightness levels also decide the battery life of Kindle.

Amazon claims of 4 weeks battery life with 30 minutes of daily reading at 13 brightness which is more than enough for any reader. Moreover, if you are looking for Tata Consultancy Services recruitment then it could be the best chance to try it.

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Final Verdict

So, is the new Kindle worth its cost? I’d have to say Yes. Since Amazon is providing a great comfortable experience with enormous software features and especially the Front-light feature at the price point. The new Kindle is really an amazing device. The comfort, brightness levels, software, and inbuilt features are more than enough for any e-reader.

Providing all those things at the price of Rs 7999 makes it more affordable for the users. Paperwhite does have some more features like higher resolution, better pixel density, more storage, and waterproof certification but it costs a lot more than the new Kindle.

Amazon, at the launch of the new Kindle, said that the motto is to provide affordable and comfortable reading to the people and Amazon has totally done what they said. If you are an old Kindle user or you want to start your e-reading journey, The New Kindle will be a perfect choice for you.

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