Easy Ways to Change Your Current Career Path

Have you ever daydreamed about leaving your desk job and become a chef or maybe a dog walker? I know I have! The Harris Survey says that 80% of the workers in their 20s and 64% of the workers in their 30s wish to change their fields. There are so many careers one can choose from just like there are so many Spectrum Internet offers. But the switch can be overwhelming. It’s hard to start over and that too successfully.


Whether you are unhappy with your current career, you’re bored or burnt out, there’s hope. You don’t have to be stuck there for forever. It’s absolutely possible to switch paths. Many people have done that successfully. It takes careful planning to do so though.

Here are some tips by career coaches on how to change our current career path:

Why Are You Craving The Change?

First things first, you must figure out why you are craving a change. Do a little soul searching. What’s driving your decision? Is it the toxic work environment? Your boss? The commute or because you are stuck with the same company for so many years? Maybe what you are looking for is simply a job in a different company.

Ask Yourself Some Questions

If you are determined to change career, you need to ask yourself a few questions. What do you really want in a career? It’s not the job that can make you happy, it’s exploring your motivations, strengths, and likes that can make you happy.

Instead of blindly following what others are talking about, do some self-evaluation. These are some of the questions you must ask yourself:

  • What’s your personal mission?
  • What are your top 3 values?
  • What problems stand in the way of changing a career path?
  • What strengths can you draw from this transition?

These questions will provoke creative thinking and help you get in touch with your natural drives. Keep in mind you might not arrive with the answers overnight. You will have to spend extra time getting the right answers as well. Only then you can move forward with the transition successfully.

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Access Your Interests and Skills

Other than your current job, what skills do you have? What are your interests? Review your past roles to figure that out. Do your core values and skills align with your current career? If not then it’s definitely worth it to switch.

If you are still having a hard time, take an evening course to figure out if this is something you enjoy doing.

Try It Out

Once you have found something you like and you are sure you want to do it, try it out. Look for volunteering activities. For instance, if you want to go into publishing, edit a newsletter. Search for freelance opportunities as well.

Find Your Path of Least Resistance

When you are changing careers, you are basically re-branding yourself. If you are changing discipline as well as industry, you are not setting yourself up for failure. You will have to overcome a lot of mountains. The key is to find a path of least resistance so that you can convince the hiring manager that it’s not an abrupt change.

Start Making Connections

You cannot underestimate the importance of networking even when you are changing careers. When you are in a particular career for 5 to 10 years, you have a beaming list of acquaintances, mentors, and colleagues. The problem is the same group of people might not be able to help you out. Therefore, expand your connections.

Quit Second-Guessing

When we are about to make a decision that pushes us beyond our comfort zone, we get all sorts of fears. You will question whether it’s the right decision to make or not. Or what if you fail?

Since so much is already invested in your current path, it seems like changing course is a waste of time. Don’t let these thoughts keep you from making a decision. The truth is staying in a job that can deplete you is worst. If you are unhappy and you still stick around, it will emotionally exhaust you. You will burn out and maybe even get sick.

Don’t dwell on what you will lose. Imagine having a fulfilling new career. If just imaging feels so good, you will definitely feel great when you make the transition.

Summing Up

You can make it through this transition as long as you maintain healthy boundaries and practice self-care. Careful evaluation will be required just like you have to evaluate your options before switching to a new Internet provider. Make sure you Google “Spectrum in My Area” or any other provider of your choice before switching.

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