Let’s Face the Winter on the Whole Armor

The cold season is the most unfavorable for car drivers as snowdrifts, ice, severe frosts, and snowfalls have a negative impact on traffic safety. When the car is standing on the street and not in a warm garage or underground parking, then problems arise even before the beginning of the trip. It might happen that the engine does not start (during the night the car was covered with snow) or the lock froze and does not open. This is not a complete list of reasons why many motorists refuse to travel in their cars in winter and use public transport. It’s safer, more convenient, and in some cases faster.

Face The Winter

Don’t forget about useful appurtenance

If you don’t want to get used to minibusses and the subway again after the comfort of traveling in your own car, then prepare it for winter. You need to buy a few useful things that will help you operate the car in the cold season in addition to such standard procedures as changing tires, oil, and spark plugs, as well as switching to a different driving style. All the below-mentioned items are profitable even when you have a retro car and use the engine for ZAZ 965. By the way, the vehicle owner can easily check out a great variety of other spare parts for different retro trucks that will help to keep the car running on the special Autoclassic Company website.

  • A lock defroster is an effective tool that will help you easily open a frozen door or trunk lock. You just need to insert the spout of the case into the keyhole and press lightly. The liquid will penetrate inside and make it easier to turn the key.
  • Winter wiper has special properties; therefore, it does not freeze in the washer reservoir. As a rule, the crystallization temperature of this agent is about -30-35°C. Buy windshield wipers only from trusted brands because low-quality products are usually diluted with water in large quantities and freeze even at -20°C.
  • Antigel is useful for car owners with a diesel engine. Even winter diesel fuel sometimes crystallizes, so starting the engine is difficult. Starting problems can be avoided at temperatures below -30°C by adding some anti-gel to the fuel tank when refueling.
  • A brush and scraper will help rescue the car from snow captivity. You can gently remove snow with a brush from the body without damaging its surface and clean icy windows with a scraper.
  • A car shovel will be needed during heavy snowfalls when you need to leave the parking lot or clear a parking space. Such a shovel has small dimensions and can easily fit in the trunk.
  • A starter charger is useful in a case when there’s a need to charge a dead battery. Such a device will still come in handy for preventive charging.

These useful things will help you to quickly cope with starting the engine and prepare the car for safe driving, spending a minimum of time in the parking lot. Remember, that the safety of driving on a winter road completely depends on you. The main thing is not to accelerate hard, do not brake sharply, keep your distance, and be extremely careful. All these moments will help you gain experience and feel even more confident on the road while driving a ZAZ 965 or any other retro or modern car. What else is useful on the road? Drinking water, household gloves, road maps or navigator, flashlight, consumables (engine oil, brake fluid, light bulbs, spark plugs, timing belt, alternator pulley, fuses, etc.).

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Love your vehicle, properly care for it, and service it in time. It’s not that hard! You just need to give it a little time and, of course, your efforts will be rewarded. After all, a car is like a living being, it has its own character and features. It becomes a true friend when it is taken care of and isn’t perceived as an ever-breaking heap of iron.

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