City By City in Morocco

Travelling can be a great step towards having fun if done the right way.

But how would you know what is the right way? Let me tell you… none.

No matter how much you prepare in advance, things go upside down, you can’t control the external factors as much as you’d like to.

Just flow with the wind you know?

I have been to a number of places throughout my experience as a traveller but Morocco begged me to stay longer than I’d initially planned (i.e. from 3 days stay to a whole week). Initially, I was skeptical of coming here I had heard things that can make you resistant towards a county.

But, Morocco’s culture, norms and beaches (for love of God) are some of the best I have experienced for far and I think I might be a beach nerd now seeing to as this country has so much to offer.

Just a fun fact: Moroccan government is spending a huge amount of investment in the tourism industry. Morocco tourism vision by 2020 is to be among the top 20 destinations in the world. I really can’t wait that long and certainly, you shouldn’t either.

True, each coin has two sides, good or bad, but there’s a third side too i.e. tourism.

As the saying goes, “to each its own” right?

 And so every experience is bound to vary from others but feel free to contribute in it.

But before making an opinion about any place to visit it so that you can have more personal experience.

Just to give you a quick idea, you should know Moroccan tourism is increasingly focused on the country’s culture, history, and ancient heritage.

There’s nothing like history

If you don’t know history, then you don’t know anything. How would you feel if a foreigner visits your country without any prior knowledge?

Tourism is not just fun and excitement, it’s learning in its true form without a four-walled classroom.

Officially known as the Kingdom of Morocco, regained its independence in 1956. Its predominant religion is Islam and Arabic and Berber are the official languages, besides these dialects, French is also widely spoken.

Morocco was highly influenced by the Roman Empire and then came under the rule of French Colonies during the World War. So you see, a combination of three different cultures highly entails a diverse history for a country. and that’s what makes Morocco unique in its individuality and character as an Islamic country.

3 Ways of Culture and Heritage

Do you agree that cultural practices should not separate us from each other instead cultural diversity brings collective strength to a community?

That’s why people travel in the first place!

If you are travelling to Morocco, keep this in mind that Morocco is a combination of three cultures (French, Roman, and Muslim) and yet all of them co-exist peacefully. If you want to experience a diverse culture Morocco is just the place to spend your cheap summer holidays.

It’s a perfect spot for family holidays or you can visit this country with your friends and to be honest, it’s a safe country for solo travellers (even females).

You will see Berber and Muslim culture most dominant in many cities while in the capital, Rabat, you will experience an equal share of modernism with cultural sites. Besides that, if you visit some smaller cities you will be able to visit Jewish quarters and the Jewish population in the minority too.

Besides wandering in the medinas while dining locally you will get to enjoy chabbas – a musical entertainment.

Expediting souks is one of the main tourist attraction points in Morocco. Most of the dressing is influenced by Islamic culture so you can enjoy some traditional gown (abayas or kaftans) and some fresh mint Kahwah (tea) and get involved in Moroccan vibes.

Another reason why you should feel obligated to travel Morocco its triangular heritage. What’s the point of visiting and not tiptoeing to the national landmarks and heritage sites?

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From the Eye of Traveller

It’s hard to believe that Morocco can be a bundle of a tourist attraction but that’s just a simple fact.

The most fascinating point of being in Morocco is that you get to see the historical heritage almost in every city. Let’s take a look.

1. Agadir – Landmark for Moroccan Tourism

The city of Agadir is famous for its beach situated on the southern Atlantic Ocean has yet become a popular landmark for Moroccan tourism. the beautiful city of Agadir offers not only the iconic seaside but the best hammams and hotel amenities. A well-maintained city offering cool seashores and lifeguards patrolling the sandy beaches…it’s an all summer holiday package for tourists.

The abattoir is popular as an industrial area, but if you visit Souk el Had you will enter the largest market in this region. There are several entrances and it is organized into different sectors like furniture, carpets, spices, leather goods and so on. Hold up your wallets people! It’s time to spend some coins!

Besides venturing into shops Agadir is also known for its museums, Bert Flint Museum on Boulevard Mohammed V will take you back to its historical era and it’s a perfect spot for taking pictures (if allowed). You will be surprised to know that a bird park is allocated known as Valley of the Birds – you can observe the various variety of species in kept there in an uncaged environment. You might as well experience a bird on your shoulder or arm and take a flawless picture broadcasting a huge smile on your face

Now, how’s that for a Moroccan holiday?

2. Marrakech – The Red City

Also is known as Red City is made out of red sandstone making it a landmark of its own. When in Marrakech you can enjoy another souk adventure in the largest and busiest square in Africa, Jemaa el-Fnaa.

Get lost in medina and souks. Keep a map with you or track the ways with help of google maps but they exactly don’t work in the thick air of souk. Just remember any landmark that you can recognize and put it into the google map. Then you can have a safe tour throughput your time.

It’s a mouth gaping experience you need to have. You can simply miss it out. The alleys of souks will charm you and make you an impulsive buyer if you have a love for the Moroccan handwoven carpets or the leather goods or even traditional jewelry your wallet is going to lose some currency. What’s a summer holiday without any shopping?

Just so you know it’s a full haggling session (one on one) with the seller.

You really need to use your charismatic skills to influence the seller to sell the goods at lower rates (buckle up ladies!) and if you make a promise for a later visit don’t ever take it lightly. People in Morocco take promises very seriously and if you come by later (like you’ve promised) you can get the best of the lowest rates! 

Besides visiting the all famous market square Marrakech is home to protective fortifications as well. The arch of gateways is famous among tourists as well as they give some sighting into the historical aspect of the city too.

3. Fez the city of old wonders!

It is the second-largest city after Casablanca. And it’s another of the famous tourist spots. For your Morocco holiday, you can enjoy a healthy dose of outdoor activities like camel riding, buggy rides and even trekking to the Atlas Mountains.

it’s your day out! After enjoying your day, you can take some rest in the old restored riads and dars in old medinas as well.

Being a world cultural heritage site you will counter numerous landmarks of French and Muslim Arab times.

Here’s another fun fact: the University of Al Quaraouiyine is the oldest university to ever exist in the world according to records of UNESCO and Guinness World Record.

Fez is considered to be the most influential city of Morocco in terms of culture and the spiritual realm. So it’s not surprising to locate a number of madrasas here. Madrasas are like religious academic schools for youngsters. In fact, you can take a detailed tour of the oldest university (madrasa) with the help of the local guide.

4. How can you possibly forget the snowy side to Morocco?

Funny enough when you travel north you can relish in the snow and the wonderful mountains with white peaks. It’s a prime example of French administration is a famous hill station for the skiing lovers. Its great opportunity to spend your summer holidays in a fun way. You can pack both ways! All year round fun in one country? it’s unimaginable!

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While it’s a welcome surprise, you can take relief from the summer heat in Fez or Marrakech and head to the northern parts.

The pure air of Irfane is soothing for meditation and you feel rejoiced just spending an overnight. It’s that much exhilarating experience.

Also known as the Garden city, styled with alpine design hill resorts and small townhouses are a welcome change of sight. You can also visit Irfane National Park popular for its view of lake and birdlife preserved in the natural surroundings. And its vastly becoming approachable spot for tourists either travelling solo or with families.

This is just not it. There more places, more cities to visit. Either you want a cheap family holiday or have an all-inclusive holiday, Morocco offers you the best combination of south and north.

Everyone needs to share their African experiences with loved ones. The more you share the more the place will grow into a stunning reality.

Morocco tourism treasures your dreams and turns them into reality.

Are you ready for yours?

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