10 Surprising Differences Between American And Australian Weddings

From a bride wearing a new, borrowed, or old wedding gown to the bride throwing her bouquet, weddings remain fascinating and exhilarating. If marriage is part of your agenda, you are researching different wedding ideas. The numerous and diverse wedding traditions intrigue even non-traditional people.

Why test nature and kick off your marriage with anything less than good vibes?

Most countries have their wedding customs that they cherish, but learning about other traditions can spice up your big day. Some are adorable, a case scenario being when the Swedish wedding guests kiss the groom or bride anytime the spouse exits the room.

Others are strange, like how the Mongolian engaged pairs must kill a chicken and retrieve its liver before receiving the blessing to wed.

The theory states that if you are faithful to these customs, you will find everlasting joy in your marriage. While combing through different wedding ideas, you may want to consider wedding live stream Sydney to capture the best moments of your happy day.

10 Surprising Differences Between American And Australian Weddings

Let’s focus on the differences between American and Australian weddings.

1. Walking down the aisle

In Australia, both parents walk the bride down the aisle, and it is common for the groom’s parents to walk their son. This theory is contrary to US traditions where only the bride’s father walks his daughter down the aisle.

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2. A keepsake Bible

In the US, the married couple receives gifts from family and friends. The Australians show the same gesture but in a different manner. You may obtain a keepsake Bible if yours is a Christian wedding.

The Bible may be generations old, as tradition states that it has to be passed down to generations in the family.

3. Rehearsal dinners

Rehearsal dinners are a standard part of American weddings. A couple of days before the wedding, friends, and family gather to share dinner.

This custom is not popular in Australia, and a measly 30% of women have ever thought of conducting a rehearsal dinner.

4. The couple skipped dinner

American couples often serve dinner after the wedding. That’s not the case in Australia; the couple may serve large quantities of appetizers and champagne to relieve the guests’ hunger.

5. Stone Ceremony

Australian couples cherish the stone ceremony. The stone ceremony involves the married couple throwing a stone in the river to symbolize their unbreakable bond even in a different environment.

The tradition dates back to when the early settlers could not afford a ring, and this action was believed to seal their union. This ceremony is uncommon in American weddings.

6. Choosing the vows

Vows are the sweet and meaningful wordings the couple recites in Christian weddings. In America, the marriage registrars draft the script, while in Australia, the couple has a right to draft or edit the wordings according to their preferences.

7. Special wedding songs

In Australia, the couple chooses unique songs that proclaim their love for each other. They may also play popular emotional and sentimental songs. This tradition is uncommon in American weddings.

8. Photo capturing of the marriage certificate

American weddings restrict the wedding photographer from capturing the wedding certificate. But they can click a picture of the duplicate marriage certificate.

In Australia, the photographer is free to take as many photos as possible of the original certificate.

9. Unity bowel ceremony

The unity bowel ceremony is a typical Australian wedding ceremony. Interestingly, it is a form of blessing to the engaged couple. The ceremony involves three bowls, one for the groom and the other for the bride. The third bowl is filled with colorful stones which represent their qualities.

The wedding guests are responsible for filling the empty bowls with the stone, each defining its characteristics. After filling them, the couple receives the bowls as memory and token for the wedding.

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10. Picking a wedding venue

Both countries practice wedding planning but differently. In America, the couple has to decide the venue according to the rules since you can only choose a licensed venue. Additionally, it should be under a roof. Australian weddings have no such law and allow you to choose any venue of your liking.

Several customs make American weddings a tad bit different from Australian weddings. In addition to comparing the wedding traditions, ensure to secure a skilled wedding photographer for your big day. Invest your time and energy in planning your wedding to make it memorable.

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