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Before come in blogging world , as a beginner one have a question in mind , which blogging platform is better ? which one we pick , its free or self hosted In this article , I will show the comparison of both Free  vs platform . And I also suggest that , which one good for you. Vs

Firstly we need to know actually what is main difference between vs ? is a software , which is totally free and give full feature to control your self-hosted blog.

And is a platform which give you free hosting with free sub domain like and upto 3gb hosting space.


Here I give some review with help you know more about vs :-

  • It’s totally free software and very easy to use.
  • Here you have full control.
  • Here you have plugins to  install and activate , which help you access more feature.
  • Here you can upload custom theme .
  • Here you can earn money easily your own adds.
  • Custom tracking your blog visitor system.
  •  Easy access SEO, with the help of SEO plugins.


  •  This platform make regularly backup of your blog.
  •  This platform provide free space upto 3GB.
  •  After you use its free hosting space that is something 3gb, they ask for you premium, its hosting rate something 99$ per year. If you use for business(premium it’s  cost is higher than self hosted
  •  No feature to install premium Theme.
  •  No feature for custom domain with free one option , if you use premium service you can access this option.
  •  Its not good for business but cool one for fun.
  •  If you want blog for fun , for showing your friend used them because that platform provide you free 3gb space with sub domain , the space 3gb is enough for normal person but not for money making or business blog.
  •  No SEO help.

Now, Main Question Which Platform is better for you?

If you start blog for fun, enjoying choose free one or BlogSpot(free blogging platform by google)   because its better for you. If you want make money with blogging, use self hosted because its give you full access and full control and premium feature etc.

If you start blog for making money , create a brand or want do special with blogging so my recommended for you start with self hosting

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