Windows Modules Installer Worker

Windows Modules Installer Worker and Why It’s Running ?

Many time you notice, when you open the task manager Windows Modules Installer Worker running on your pc and using a lot of disk and CPU resources. This process also called TiWorker.exe. This process is a part of the Windows OS.

What Is Windows Modules Installer Worker?

(Tiworker.exe) Windows Modules Installer Worker “ a window service ” which handle updates,  installation, removal, and modification.

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Windows automatically installs OS new updates with the help of Windows Update, so this process (Tiworker.exe) is installing updates in the background. However, when you install or uninstall any program than Windows Modules Installer Worker process help to do this program run in the background.

Windows Modules Installer Worker using high cpu


Why Is It Using So Much CPU?

High CPU usage from the Windows Modules Installer Worker process on Windows 10 is just normal.

you can easily solve high CPU usage issue, just allow this process to run,  once the process will finish there task that stop using disk and CPU resources.  How much time it will take, everything depends on your pc storage and CPU speed, and also how many updates that process needed to install. Once it installs all the updates, it,s stop using CPU high usage and storage.

Can You Disable This Process?

No, if you disable this that prevent Windows from installing new updates properly.  So, it,s bad for your pc.

Something Wrong With This Process

If you think something ’s wrong this process— Windows Modules Installer Worker has been taking high CPU usage for hours, or you think it runs too frequently—there are some below-given steps help you solve this issue.

troubleshoot Windows Modules Installer Worker

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