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What Is Desktop Window Manager (dwm exe) & Why Is It Running?

The dwm exe is a Desktop Windows Manager and is a Windows file that should be running on your pc.

(Desktop Windows Manager )DWM exe process manages all the visual effect that include various animations or glass-like appearance, the transparent taskbar, Alt-tab windows switcher, the Flip3D, live taskbar thumbnails and rendering of each of the Windows components being displayed on your computer screen.

Can DWM.exe Process Be a Virus?

The Desktop Windows Manager (DWN) process itself is a component provided by Windows platform. Sometimes it’s possible, some hacker replaced the real process within virus but don’t worry here I show; how you can check it’s a virus or real official window component.  Firstly open task manager and then click on more details (if it’s not showing all processes running) and then find Desktop window manager then right click the Desktop Window Manager process after that choose the “Open File Location” option.

If the file locates in folder Windows\System32 , then your pc is safe, and it’s a real window component.

What Do You Need To Do If It’s Using More RAM and CPU Process?

If you see Desktop Window Manager take more RAM or CPU than you should check these two things :

  • Make sure your computer hardware drivers are updated, especially the drivers for your integrated graphics adapter or video card. DWM.exe File offloads a significant amount of work to your GPU to reduce pressure on your CPU.
  • Some types of malware or virus cause issues with Desktop Window Manager. So it needs to use a good antivirus and scan your pc.

Those are both excellent places to start.

Can I Turn (DWM exe File) Desktop Window Manager Off?

No, you can’t. When there was the Window Vista time, Desktop Window Manager was an option to be controlled by a service that could be turned off.  Starting with Windows 7 and newer window version and not have an opportunity to off the dwm exe file because Desktop Window Manager (DWM)  became a more critical part of Windows, that is helping in creating the graphical user interface.

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The good news is now the Desktop Window Manager (dwm)  has a lot of better feature than past, about how it manages resources, and you don’t need to turn it off. If this article is helpful for you, Don’t forget to connect us on Facebook For more Latest Tech & Internet Tips.

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