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What is a password sniffer and how to protect yourself from it?

As you all know that today most of the computers have an internet connection i.e they are connected to a network or are connected to a local area network And most of users need a username and a password to connect to a particular network or if you are on a internet then most of us use social networks like facebook etc .So here comes the role of a password sniffer so today i m going to share with you what is Pass-word  sniffer.  So without wasting any time lets come straight to our topic.

what is a password sniffer?

A password sniffer is  an utility tool or application which keep tracks of all the information broadcasted through a network and stores them in your device .actually sniffing means to listen and what a password sniffer does is to listen all the password and username or critical information sent through a network records them locally in your device .A password sniffer can sniff a password sent through a network in plain if the password is sent in encrypted format through a network then a password sniffer can’t sniff that password .As password sniffer can only sniff plain text password so it only works in these network protocols:

  1. POP3
  2. IMAP4
  3. SMTP
  4. FTP
  5. HTTP

How password sniffer works?

A password sniffer can be installed on a host machine and from there it keep record of all the activities going on  in a network specially critical information.actually password sniffer tool was built to recover lost passwords in a network but unfortunately many hackers ,crackers use this utility to do illegal things .It can only operate on an unsecured network that is the reason most of the popular sites like facebook ,gmail use https network protocol.https is most secured network protocols among others that is why it is always recommended to use https while doing a transaction on internet or logging into a place which is very important for you.

Best password sniffers :

There are many good password sniffer tools available on the internet now i m going to share a few of them only by there name .If u want to know more about a particular tool you can comment below


How to protect yourself from password sniffer attacks?

First thing you can do to protect yourself from a pass-word sniffing attack is to prevent it by making the use of a vpn(virtual private network)

secondly you can use a secured network protocol like HTTPS.

Next thing you can do is to avoid using public network .

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