What is a blog / blogging

What Is A Blog / Blogging & How To Start Make Money With Blog ?

Blogging is a great online platform  which allow you to share your knowledge with world or public with the help of internet . When you start share your knowledge with public with this you can also earn great amount of money . Blogging is also a source which make us independent , with the help of this we can earn money at home . Like other jobs we have no any stress of our boss . Here we are owner of our work. In below we share with you step by step full basic   of blogging  or what is a blog which help you to understand full basic of blogging and with the help of you will also start your carrier from blogging.

What Is A Blog / Blogging?

What is a Blog : We create a website where we write articles and publish for public . So, this types of websites is called blog. For example you can visit here : Mashloud.com front page ; this is my blog here you site me and my team post article and article shown step by step . This Types of website is called Blogs.

In simple words , we say that A Blog is that place  or our personal website where i or we share our knowledge with public.

Blogging:  When we create a blog or start publish article for public . This process is called blogging.


WHY Blogging

Some people like you and me don’t want work under someone or don’t want a boss which give us lot of tension . And want  independent life. This platform is for those users. Blogging is  that platform which give us great source of income every month ; if we really do smart and hard work . It is not so tuff job to earn money with blog . In below we share how blog give you money .


How TO Make Money With Blog ?

In today digital word , there numbers of ways which help you to earn money with your blog . Here i share some most usable way in detail , surely which help you earn money with your blog and too help you to understand the basic ; “how you can earn money with your blog” .

1 #:  Affiliate Marketing  :  This is one of the cool and most suitable method , with the help of you can earn millions of $ in month . If you have write visitor on your blogs.

        What is Affiliate Marketing :   In this you can firstly need to make account on that company which provide      affiliate program . And after that you create there your affiliate link and once you share your unique affiliate link on your blog ,if someone click on that link and sell product or anything ; you will earn money by each sale .

Here Full Detail :


2 #:  Google Adsense :

This is another cool way with the help of you can earn money with your blog . Google Adsense is high paying cpc(Click per cost) network provided by google . So , how it’s work ; in this program you firstly need to create adsense account and there you need to create ads and after that you need to put ads code on your blog . And ads auto show on your blog where you put the code ; if someone click on ads you can earn money from each single click . Which platform provide earn money from single that is also known as cpc program . Adsense earning depend on many factors.

Full Guide : How To Create An Adsense Account & How To Create Ads & Earn Money 


After above these two ways except there are many other ways to earn money from blog .

Full Detail:   More Ways To Earn Money With Your Blogs


How To Be Successful In Blogging :

Now a day many of people start a blog but many of fail in blogging . So, here i give you some tips which help you to successful in blogging .

When you decide to create a blog , firstly you need to decide your niche( Niche =  Topic which you decide to write on your blog   ; For example my blog mashlod(Tech Magazine) niche is Tech & Internet, here i write only on tech and internet).  I choose tech niche because i has various knowledge about tech and internet. So , please choose that niche in which you are expert ; if you are expert in cooking choose cook niche , if you are expert in sports choose sports niche .

After this task you need to decide your blog name , it’s very important to decide good name for your blog . Choose that name which match or suit with your niche.

Full Guide:

If you try above guide surely you will successful in blogging.


How To Launch Your First Blog:

Now i share with how you can create your first blog . If you have no any idea of blog or you never use any blog . Firstly try free platform  blogspot given by google. The blogspot free blogging platform is good platform to start your first blog free of cost. This platform have some limitation, you can’t give super look your blog but if you expert in coding ; surely you will design great . But if you choose paid platform wordpress there you get pre-design themes which give more good look your blog than blogspot . Blogspot have some limitation ; you don’t fully optimize your blog  on your ways . But if you do hard and smart work on blogspot surely you can great income this free platform.

Full Guide :

Here i share full basic guide about “What is a Blog And how to Start Earn Money With Blog” . I hope this basic guide is helpful for every newbie user who want to come in blogging world.  If you find this article is useful for you , share with your friends who want  tech stuffs.  For more tech & Internet Stuff Visit Again . Who newbie which want to start their carrier from blogging ; good luck everyone .


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