Using Whatsapp As Separate Store For Notes And Document

In nowadays, whatsapp has also become popular to send messages to your colleages friends and others. It is best app and works on all the smart phones. Using whatsapp, we can pdf file, messages, video, song, images etc. Till now, you have been using whatsapp for calling and text messaging. But there are so many others uses of whatsapp which make this app best in the world. For communicating with the foreign people, you can use whatsapp.

You can also use whatsapp to capture and save scanned document, notes, ideas and anything else in your own private storage that is getable from everywhere. And also to quickly and easily transfer screenshots, document, web links and other files between your phones and computer. For this, you need not to sign for other service.

This is simple. Just create virtual contact number inside your whatsapp. And what you want to share privately, you can share with this virtual contact number.



Guide For Using Whatsapp As Separate Store

Since it is impossible to send messages to your own contact number. So, there is a simple guide for using whatsapp as private store for saving document and notes. Create Whatsapp Group one and only one participant. Here is full guide.

  • Tap on whatsapp on your phone and Create a whatsapp Group
  • Just add any contact number from the address book to this group. Keep name of your group and save it.
  • Now open the whatsapp group and click on the subject to display the participant of this whatsapp group.
  • Tap on the alone participant of the group and then remove him from the group.

That’s it, now you have private store in whatsapp ¬†account which can be seen only by you and it is accessible from you phone and web link.

If you like to send files or document from your computer to phone. Just go the and then send file or document to this group. It will be received quickly on your smart phone.

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So using whatsapp make your own private store for storing docuemtn and files etc. If you find this article useful for your self, then share this article on the social media sites. Any suggestion or query, you are free to ask by comments section. For getting more stuff like this, subscribe to our newsletter.

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