Tricks To Clear Empty Folder In Android Phone

Would you want to delete and clear empty folders in your android phones. Today, we will discuss on tricks to search for empty folder automatically and clear them all. With this tricks, you can get rid of the empty folders in your android device with one and only one click.

Basically, When you uninstall some apps on your android device. These apps left some empty folders in your device which are quite annoying to you. As a result of this, whenever you go to file manager in your device, you found there a lots of empty folder which will irritate you. Your file directory looks so complex.

So do you want a idea to sort out this problem. ? Here is it, there is an app on playstore, which will help you to find empty folders automatically and clear them all at once. So here is a simple guide to entirely delete  and clear empty folder in your android device.

How To Clear Empty Folder In Android phones

Lets star towards to full guide to clear empty folder.

  1. First of all, go to playstore and search for an app named “Empty folder cleaner app”.
  2. Then download the app and install on your device.
  3. Now open main screen of the app.
  4. You found there three option i.e show progress, scan android create folders and log deleted empty folders.
  5. Just click on these three option and then on “delete empty folders ”  that is all, you have to do.
  6. Rest of the work , this app will do.

Below image show there are nine folders which are cleared.

Then it will clear empty folder which is in your device. Now your device is left with no empty folder. Once this search for empty folder automatically and then it deletes all empty folder from your device.


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