Trick To Switch Between Multiple Gmail Accounts

Gmail accounts is a free Google accounts. From the Gmail mailbox, you can access calender, google docs and various google sites. This accounts give instant access to users to login to the many google applications like maps, picasa and google photos etc. In today world of information technology, many of us maintain multiple gmail accounts for many purposes. Like to private our business detail, to store important information, to get message  secretly  from others, to apply for various jobs online etc. Yours day will spent most inside Gmail and calender linked with your work accounts. However, you like to store files inside in the google drive of your own personal Google accounts.

So don’t worry, Google enable you to login to multiple gmail accounts simultaneously so that you need not to log out of one google accounts to another to check emails. Just simply go to and log in with other google account in the same browser.

Sign in to account is simple and easy but switching to multiple gmail accounts is not easy. Once you signed in, then tap on your image profile in the upper right and choose any of the google accounts out of given google accounts. Then you will switch to that account. The Google accounts with which you log in to browser first, is your default accounts.


So when you write in the google address bar. The browser will your default google account. If you want to change your default google accounts. You have to logged out of all logged in accounts. Then sign with that account.

Thus you have to do so many things to switch between multiple gmail accounts. So here we show you a simple URL which helps you to switch between multiple gmail accounts.

Guide For Switching Between Multiple Gmail Accounts

Just simply reach to the gmail website and tap Crtl+D to bookmark the site.


Now tap on the ‘edit’ option to update the bookmark. Just write in the URL box after the slash (‘/’)  ” authuser= [email protected]” .



here we add ‘gw in the name box which means google apps for work gmail.repeat this action for other gmail accounts.

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Now just write ‘gw’ in the name box to start fastly your work gmail accounts even that account is not your default gmail account. This trick work with every Google apps like google drive, google contact, Google calender.

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