Top & Best Video Players For Window pc

8 Top & Best Video Players For Window Pc

Many people have passion & love to watch videos, tv serial online & offline , when they watch  online it’s well run on window pc but when they downloading many of videos they want see offline on his window pc , they need lightweight best video players for window pc, which play videos well and also show subtitle and also give some extra features. Here , In this article I show 8 Top & best video players for window , which have total powerful features and best for any window pc. This all of video player is free and some have also premium version. This video players support  window xp & all window latest version.

In Window already have window media player but it have limited feature , that player not provide you full custom feature. For access more coustom feature you have need to use other video player for your window pc. Don’t confuse for this video players , if you search for best media players because which i show it’s  also  8 Top & Best media players for window pc.


Free Best Video Players For Window Pc :

Here I share Top most 8 best video players , which provide you great feature and really you impress once you this players for it’s quality feature.

1 .   VLC Media PLayer

My  best player vlc media players, when i download videos i use this player to watch videos, because this player is lightweight and have many cool features which really impress me, this reason this player is best and i recommend you first use this player.

Vlc Media Player supported every kind of videos and music format , this also offer a feature like subtitle and change audio track (if video have many audio track click B on keyword to change audio track) etc.. and have many impressive features. This player have clean code and it’s totally free open source software for window pc. And its does not have any spying , ads or any unwanted things in his privacy. You simply install this player by clicking on  it’s setup, it is very simple to install. You can also install extra skin on this player by download from it’s official site  & you also download this player from his official site.



2 .  GOM Media Player

GOM (Gretech Online Movie)  player , it’s also a Best & free media player for window pc where you play every media file and and that player discovered from GOM lab. This player also have lot of attractive feature when it come to play the media file, you do audio capture, playback speed control Video effect & A-Z screen test etc. In other word, Gom Player is another best video players for window pc.

In this player, you can also install extra skin by download from official Gom player website. It feature is also really impressive and advance. It suport a all type of videos format such as flv, mkv etc with media standard format.



3 .  MPC -HC

(Media Player Classic – Home Cinema) Mpc-Hc  this is another best media player for window pc , it just developed in 2006. This player is a totally perfect player because it’s so lightweight free of cost software and have many advanced feature. It support every type of media format & it is so lightweight tool but it support every heavy type of media file.

It’s support toolbar and extra skin , you can install by downloading .This media player advanced feature they supported key commands  and have many impressive features. For access more advance feature you can install toolbar. It is totally free open source software and support tons of video format.



4 . PotPlayer

This is top video players for window pc . It is free open source and lightweight software which support every format of media file.  You can  access  many features when it come to playback . Postplayer support every kind of 3D-oriented  and 3D-Glasses features.  This player supported many advanced features such as scene bookmarking,  screen snapshot, different kinds of subtittle & support lot of features.

In other words, it is also one of the perfect best video players for window pc. In this player you also get control on audio and there tons of skin available etc..



5 . KMPlayer

This is another free open source best media player for window pc . It also support to play corrupted video format and all type of media format on window pc. It have tons of advance feature which make this video player more advance and powerful media player.



6 . SMPlayer

This is the another best video players for window pc and it is free of cost and open source software. SMplayer support lot of advance feature , they also have youtube support feature, subtittle support & have tons of skins available etc.



7 . DivxPlayer

This is another best media media player for window pc for watching  high quality movies and enjoying movies. This player support all kind of media format. It support different types of video format such as mkv, avi & mp4 etc. and this player have many features. And it is totally free and open source software.



8 . RealPlayer

Realplayer is another best video players for window pc. It have free and premium version . Free version is limited but have good feature . If you want access more tons of advanced feature you want to buy it’s premium version.

This player have advanced feature you can share your media file on cloud and you access anytime and it have also feature to bookmark the file and this player have many tons of feature . It’s premium version you can get with only 4.99$.


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