Tools To Check Website Performance And Page Load Speed

Before your site’s visitors enter your site’s url in a Google search box. They just wait for your website page  to load. Website performance or page load speed in other countries is one of the crucial one for any site for promotion in foreign countries. Since , in today world , time is most important. So less your site take time to load, more visitors will attracted to your blog. Today, I will show the list of 10 website performance or page speed test tools which helps you to analyze your blog very efficiently. With these website performance tools, you can analyze page load speed of a particular page of your site.

In addition to this, these tools give you suggestion so that you will be able to improve your website performance and page load speed. It will also help you to better SEO ranking of your blog. Increase your page view, decrease bounce rate.

Page Load Speed Checker Tools

#1. GooglePage Speed:

This is the best tools to check website performance and also page load speed. Google Page Speed offer you upto 30 ways to better your website performance and speed also. It will show your site performance and page load speed on desktop as well as mobile  .

#2. Yslow:

Yslow is a plugin which is free to use. It will show you speed of page you visit on a particular site. It didn’t tell you actual page load time but offer you 20 dissimilar performance grades and also suggest you how you can better  performance and speed of any site.

#3. WebpageTest:

Webpages Test is a free to use and it enable you to check load time of your webpages. Also offer 6 dissimilar performance grades. When you enter your site url, after clicking on start test. This tool display throughout perfromance of your site. And it also give you advice for some changes to better site performance and to better speed of site.

The one good features of this tool is that you can performance or speed of your site from different countries. So this tools enable you to check your site performance in all over the world.

#4. GTmetrix:

GTmetrix is free and easy to use and it increase your website speed. It offers upto 30 different ways to better your website performance and speed. With Gtmetrix, you can check Yslow grades of your site. One useful thing about this tool is, just sign up with free account. Then you will be able to check the history of upto 5 websites. But with paid plan which starting from $15 per month, you can check urls , pdf reports and more. 

#5. Pingdom:

Pingdom is a free website performance tools that give you detail  of your website speed and performance based on some crucial factors. But if you want, this tool continously check your website performance and speed. You have to start a plan which costs you $15 per month. This tools enable you to check your website speed and performance from foreign countries like USA ,Ausralia etc.

#6. SucuriLoadTimer:

Sucuri Load Timer is the best one tools to test website performance and speed. This tool show your website speed and performance in different countries like India , USA , England etc. It also offer you ” time to first byte “service.


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