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How To Start Make Money With Youtube ( Connect Adsense)

After google search engine , youtube is world largest video search engine, where you search and find every type of video,  you can also make money with youtube by simple upload your videos. Here at mashloud, I explained full step by step guide to earn money by uploading video on youtube.

Firstly we tell you , how you earn money with youtube , there upload videos and connect with google adsense , with adsense some ads are show on  your youtube videos when someone click on that ads you can earn money, adsense pay us for each single cilck. And earning depend on many things impression, keywords costs etc.

Step By Step Guide To Make Money With Youtube:


  • How To Make Youtube Channel

Firstly we need to go to youtube and create youtube account, for creating youtube account we need gmail account, if you don’t have  gmail account create it (click here for create). And youtube account is same to the gmail account and google+ profile is same to youtube profile. Firstly open youtube and then click on sign in and sign in with your gmail account , after login click on upload icon and select video which you want to upload , after that youtube display choose your channel name , you can give any name t0 your channel (give any name you can change it anytime when you want). Now your youtube channel successfully created . Now , for earn money main step to connect adsense to youtube. Firstly upload 3 or 4 video after that think about adsense (in below full guide to connect adsense with youtube).

After that upload profile photo and cover photo, put your detail and complete your profile. This things attract more visitor.

  • How Give Branded Name To Your Channel

Your google+ name and youtube channel name is same, Youtube channel name is google+ name. If you want give some branded name to your youtube channel , you need to Create Google+ Brand Page , after that go to youtube click on change name and select brand , there you can see your google+ brand page name click on that , now your google+ brand name make your youtube channel name , this way you give any brand name your youtube channel.


  • How To Connect Adsense To Your Youtube Channel

Adsense is free platform with the help  you can make money with youtube . Open youtube and click on channel , after that click on video manager and after that monetize, there you can see option (enable monetize) to connect your channel with adsense .

After click on that option, next step if you already have adsense account signin with that account ,if not click on create account. After next step google adsense ask you put your detail and submit your adsense application. This way your adsense account connect to your youtube account. After that IN youtube go to monetize option, there you need to monetize every video from there .

Payout via paypal, bank account etc. And when you cross 100$ usd  threshold, then you payout  your income from your youtube account. For applying adsense it’s imprortant you are 18 year old, if not make adsense account on your any family member whose age more than 18 and you get money by him bank account. For checking your earning, you can go to video manager> analytics , here you get full report of your channel & your income.

  • How To Make More Money With Youtube

For earning good income , you need to upload more to more content on  youtube. Don’t use copyright content, if you use copyright content that video youtube anytime delete in your account. And also share your video on your social medias for more views. If you have blog embed your video on your blog for more views. Use high paying keyword  (find high paying keyword with keyword tools ) , which increase your click per cost of adsense. If you use all this tips , sure you earn good income once your channel gone hit .

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