Sleep Deprivation and Social Media

If you frequently turn to YouTube to look up new recipes or to learn how to do your eye makeup for a night out with the hubby, you would have noticed how various YouTubers turn to a trend almost at the same time. One such trend happen to be these YouTubers showing their usual morning and nighttime routine to their viewers and apparently this segment was in high demand.

Now more often than not, young YouTubers told there audience that the last thing they did every night or the first thing they did every morning was to check the various social media apps they had on the smartphones like Facebook and Instagram to see if they have missed any post from their friends while they were asleep. While it may not seem that big of a deal if a few people were doing it, but if an entire generation turns to social media platforms as soon as they wake up, before they have had their breakfast or even have brushed their teeth, it is quite alarming.

Unfortunately, it is the sad reality of what we now know as the age of social media. In an effort to stay head to head with the rest of the world, the teens and young adults of our generation have truly lost sight of what is truly important. It has been recently reported that teens or rather young adults under the age of 25 would rather sacrifice their sleep then not know what their friends and peers are doing on the social media.

Effect of Sleep deprivation

It Gets Worse

A number of researchers focusing on the effects of social media of teens and young adults have discovered that today, people under the age of 25 sleeps for merely 6 hours and 38 minutes on average every night. The hours of shut eye these individuals get every night is quite low as compared to the sleep the people of the same age group used to get on 2004, the year Facebook was released, i.e. 7 hours and 4 minutes and drastically low compared to the optimal 8 hours sleep recommended by physicians.

Unfortunately, this time gate of seemingly just 18 minutes is enough to have the following implications on the lifestyle of this age group.

  • Annual Sleep Loss

It is reported that this age group of youngsters, starting from early teens i.e. 13 to mid 20s tend to lose almost 18 days of sleep on an annual basis. 18 days of sleep equals to 1080 hours of sleep loss which, if keeping in mind the shut eye these youngsters receive is equal to a rough estimate of 180 sleepless nights. Now, if my math is right and your brain hasn’t been addled by sleep loss, it means that you have not have stayed up browsing through internet at your leisure for almost half a year.

  • Anxiety

Not only has it been reported that teens today suffer from something the teens themselves have named as FOMO which stands for “Fear of Missing Out”. Apparently this fear is a real thing which keeps them up until late at night browsing through various social media portals they subscribe to at just to see what club or parties their friends are attending without them only to feel anxious about feeling left out and not being able to enjoy their lives to the fullest as they should be. This anxiousness follows them to school, college and even their workplaces where they are not able to fully concentrate on their work and lag behind on tasks and assignments which only add to their anxiousness and paranoia on a massive scale.

  • Disruption of Daily Routine

It is not a new thing anymore to hear that your classmate or your colleague came in late because they overslept since they had stayed up into the wee hours of the night looking through various posts and statuses on Facebook. According to a research conducted by social media researchers, it has been reported that an average 14 to 25 year spends at least 73 minutes every night browsing through Facebook before going to bed. This means that using Facebook into the wee hours of the night has impacts on these teens every day night.

From catching the bus on time, to sleepless eyes to anxiety to working, everything is sorely impacted when you’re not sleeping right. The only thing parents can do in situations such as this one is keep an eye on your child’s online activities and limit it but cutting off access to internet or even Facebook after certain hours of the night. They can even turn to parental spy applications to achieve the same goal.

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