SEO Tip For Beginners : How To Write SEO Optimized Post IN WordPress

I already shared some post about SEO , If you first time visit my blog click here read more   post about SEO. Now , Today I tell about SEO Tip for beginners and its also useful for other too, which one help you write SEO optimized Post. SEO is very important for blog to drive huge amount of traffic with search engine . Here I will show you how to write properly SEO post in wordPress.

At MashLoud , we use here yoast seo plugin to optimize our blog . In wordPress many plugin for SEO like “SEO by yoast”, which help you to optimize your blog. Install any of them , For my recommendation install yoast SEO or SEO by yoast, anyone of them. Many of people install and activate that SEO plugins but they don’t know , how use it properly. Here I tell some SEO tip for beginners and also some detail about how use this plugin properly .

SEO Tip For Beginners : How Write SEO Optimize Post With SEO Plugins:

Always Choose Focus Keyword:

A Focus Keyword is that main keyword which you hoping people and your blog visitor finding your post . Always use Long Tail keywords , because your audience is human being  not search engine or animals , people always write 2 or 3 words in search engine to find there problem.

Long Tail Keywords  is the keyword which one make from two or there word and short keywords is that which one make from one word.

Write SEO Friendly Tittle:

A SEO Friendly Tittle means write tittle more attractive (sure your tittle describe that what people want) , more to more people click there, suppose your blog index in google first page , your tittle is not attractive ,  no one people click on your post . So , write attractive tittle with focus keyword , use focus keyword with in the 70 character of limit .

Categories & Tags:

IN Beginning Many blogger avoid that , but that the big mistake for them . Use category or tags option for make your blog SEO friendly . Category & Tags help sort your blog for not only your reader or visitor but also the search engines.

Post Meta Description:

One of the important step to optimize your blog , use meta description to attract more to more people to click on blog . Meta description is that which show in google index. And also use your Focus Keyword in Meta description.

Inter linking :

Inter -link your blog old post to new post . This help your new reader to read more post. Always linked related post , they attract more to visitor , that way visitor come again and again on your blog .

MORE SEO Tip For Beginners:

If you not add your blog on google or bing search engine, add on google and bing search engine for more traffic.

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And too write content with complete knowledge , because you know no one like half-cooked food , if you don’t write good content you lost your visitor , suppose one people come on your blog they read your content , they don’t like because you write content with half knowledge , they second time not come on your blog. So write good content with complete knowledge.

If you like this post please share on your social media . And if you have any suggestion for me or any problem , feel free to ask via comment.

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  1. Jeez. It’s been a long time I actually pulled out a piece of printer paper to take notes on a blog post lol. Thanks for this. You’ve earned yourself a new reader!

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