How To Make Your Blog Images SEO Friendly With One Click

SEO is very important for every blog to drive huge amount of traffic with search engine. So, we need to write SEO optimize post for search engine traffic and also importance to make SEO friendly images to get traffic from image base search. In Images , unlike text content ,google can’t boot and identify your images. Here we need to use ALT TAG to identify our blog images on google and other search engine and also help improve your ranking factor in image search.

How To Add Alt Tag To WordPress Images And Make SEO Friendly Images:

For SEO, importance to give Alt Tag and title to your blog images . I recommend you install SEO Friendly Images which automatically adds Alt Tag and title attributes to all your images and help improving traffic from search engines.seo friendly images This Plugin link here .

. Install and activate this plugin.

SEO friendly Images setting. After activate , go to SEO Friendly Images > Settings and adjust the settings.SEO friendly images settingsWith the help of this plugin you can automate Alt Tag and title both of your images. With the help of Alt Tag any search engine such as google easily understand your image and improve your ranking.

Here main question how I use this plugin in best way?

It is very simple to use, but the best idea to use this plugin to give a meaning full name your image before upload it.

Here I give Example which help you understand about meaning full name

dkdidjdhhdjndj.jpeg   is not meaning full name.

SEO-Images-Plugin.jpeg   is meaning Full name, like this use meaning full name , it is one of the important step.

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