Secure Wireless Network: What You Have To Know

We can hardly imagine how the world would look like if there was no Internet today. It has become a vital part of our lives and most of the devices we use every single day are somehow depending on it. That is why more and more people wan to have their own wireless network. However, although this is a good idea it is also wise to take care about the security of the network as well. This is the only way to grasp all the benefits of the wireless network.

Secure Wireless Network (Full Guide)

What You Have to Know about the Default Router IP Address

All wireless routers today use an IP address which is assigned to them during the production stage. One of these is Since they are set up in the factory this means that a huge number of routers have the same default IP address and this is definitely a security risk for your network. Therefore here are some things you can do to add some layers of security to your network.

Basic Network Security Measures

To set up a secure network you have to do the next few things.

  • You need to secure the router
  • Decide whether your guest and devices will use wireless or wired connection
  • Check who is connected to your network from time to time
  • Protect your personal files from unauthorized persons

How to secure wireless  network

Keeping your network safe from unwanted guests should be your main goal. This can be easily achieved if you follow these tips.

  1. Passwords are a great way to protect your network. The username and password that protect the router are quite handy but they have to be changed the first time you start using the router. Just make sure that your password is not easy to guess. At the same time don’t mix the default router password with the password you use to connect your smartphone to your network. The second one is changed in the Encryption part of the options.
  2. Encryption is the next thing is to use proper wireless encryption. WPA2 would be a perfect option since it is more advanced than WEP which is, unfortunately, still used.
  3. Firewalls are a great option and in most routers they are already implemented. However, some of them have to be paid monthly through a subscription, so if you are worried about your security it may be wise to consider subscribing.
  4. Assessment is vital if you are serious about your network security. All the changes you have previously made to the router configuration have to be checked from time to time. Additionally, it is recommended to change the wireless password from time to time. It is something you can do in a minute and represents a good security measure.
  5. MAC address filtering is a handy option which adds an additional layer of security to your network. Practically, with MAC filtering enabled, you add a device’s MAC address which allows that device to connect to the network. Although quite good, this is not a 100% protection since the MAC address can be easily spoofed by hackers.
  6. Disable DHCP:-

    – this option needs to be disabled but if you don’t have experience with assigning IP addresses manually, you shouldn’t try it. It is more likely that it will be more a problem than a security solution for you and your network.

  7. Signal strength has to be limited. Not many people think about the strength of their signal and whether it goes far away from the walls of their home or office. For a better security, it is recommended to limit the signal strength and prevent someone from outside to gain access to your network.

We can say that these tips are enough to secure your home or office network. This will turn off any novice hacker and even those with a little experience.

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