How to recover gmail account password (Gmail Recovery Guide)?

Today,Gmail is one of the most used email in the world and what will happen if you somehow forget your gmail password??and what if that gmail account is associated with  many works you do on internet then it becomes important for you to get that gmail back in your hands to save your work fortunately google lets you recover your gmail account by number of ways and i m going to share to gmail recovery guide which help you to get access to your that gmail account whose password you forget or someone cheated on you and changed your gmail password .

Here are the steps by which you can recover your lost gmail (Gmail Recovery Steps) :

  1. Go to gmail sign in page and type your gmail whose password you forget and want to recover that account.
  2. Click on forget password  under the box in which you should put your password but you forget it.
  3. Now google will ask you last password you remember if u dont know one head over to step  .and if u remember one put that one in the box and click next.
  4. Now if you had created a recovery phone no. at the time you created your gmail account it will ask to you to put that full phone no. and will send an otp to that phone number to verify your phone number and if that is verified then on next page if u had recovery email then it will ask you to send an email containing reset password link then you can change your password from there and if you don’t know your phone number or your phone number is changed u can try another question as in step 5.
  5.  On next page it will ask you to provide an email which u can access now and send you an otp there which u have to put on next page .here u might try to trick google by providing an email you never used before on that account ,so here it is better to provide an email which you set as backup email if u don’t  have one you can skip to next question or you can try an email which you can access right now.
  6. After this step google will verify that it is you trying to get that account then only you get a password reset page by evaluating the steps you did first otherwise google will give you an error saying that google couldn’t verify that this account belongs to you.
  7. if you dont remember any password you used for that email address then click on try another question and then on next page it will again go to step 3 and will repeat steps 3 to 5  if u did at least 3 steps correctly or have a recovery email assigned to that account then only u can reset password of that account.

NOTE:   Moreover if you have not accessed that account from last 9 months period it may deleted from google server then in that case you can’t recover your account in anyway


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i hope you will find this Gmail Recovery Guide helpful in getting your hands back on your gmail and if u find any difficulties in getting your account back or have any suggestion or if there is any mistake in this post put your comments down below we will surely rectify that mistake so that more people can benefit from this post. And don’t forget to subscribe our newsletter via email, for getting more tech and internet stuff in your email inbox . You can also contact our Tech  Team on FaceBook And Twitter.

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