Which Programming Language Should Required For Blogging

When I’m come in blogging world, I have no any type of programming skill but know I’m good in some programming language which is good for blogging health. In blogging, beginner have some question in mind..

  •  Programming language required for blogging or not.
  •  Without programming language , can I create a blog or not.
  •  Which programming skill is good for blogging health.

Here I give answer the all that type of question, and clear your doubt.

Programming language or Coding Skill Required For Blogging or Not:

Firsty I tell that , if you are newbie in blogging or you want to know any programming skill required for blogging , don’t worry , here no skill required for blogging, you create your blog on BlogSpot or WordPress etc without any coding skill. Here Free Themes are provided which auto design your blog . But if you want design your blog your own way or your own style , coding skill is needed.

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What’s Benefit of Coding/programming Skill If you Have :

If you know coding, its is great for blogging, you can edit your blog theme and with the help of programming , you can make some change with your theme and make more attractive your blog.

You also create your own theme and plugin with the help of programming language. You can make various change with your blog.

Which Programming language is Beneficial for blogging :

HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language )  :

HTML  is the programming language which is very beneficial for blogging. The  HTML is very easy to learn. If you learn this language , you easily edit your theme and other things of your blog and easily make change.

HTML is basically content based language .This language is elementary unit of web pages .HTML enable you add Text , forms , images , videos and more into a Strong web page and also can resize images , tweak  text words , add links .

Everything that you can watch on Mashloud and are being showed to you with the help of Hyper Text Markup Language  .

CSS   (Cascading style sheets):

CSS stands for Cascading style sheets. When we talk about CSS , it means Style .Basically with this , you are able to format contents on the web pages. CSS enhance the look of your website .CSS allow you to determine the page layout , font size , style or look around images , font type and more .

The style , font and colors of the website ” Mashloud” are determined by CSS .

PHP (personal home page)  :    

It stands for personal home page . When PHP comes , it means functionality . It perform various function of your websites . PHP is a back end/ server end language(e.g back end means portion of site which you can’t see ) ,but CSS and HTML is a front end language (e.g means portions of the site which you can see) . This language is for web applications such as WorPress plugins , Donations  widgets and more .

At Below of the screen , If you subscribe our newsletter via emails , Then PHP will perform that work .

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If you like this article don’t forget to share on your favourite social media and if you have any suggestion, please free to tell via comment section. I hope this article help you know , which programming language skill is beneficial for blogging health.

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