Mobile Friendly Web Design and Search Engine Optimization Checks

Mobile Friendly Web Design and Search Engine Optimization Checks

Mobile devices have become even more popular and are being used even more than desktop computers. This is one of the main reasons whey web developers have a new standard to meet in web design. A static web design should undergo some major upgrades this year. Mobile web designs have become the official new standard. Read below the top 6 things to do to make your website mobile friendly.

6 things to do to make your website mobile friendly:

1- Responsive Web Design: A responsive layout is the first and most important change to make when it comes to mobile friendly design. There are various devices out there. A lot of devices results to different screen resolutions. A website must be available to be easily viewed in all screen sizes. A responsive web design will auto adapt a website for every device that loads up the web page.

2- Large Font Size:  Mobile devices aren’t like large desktops. Mobile devices have smaller screens and the regular standard font size will be uneasy on the eye. Increasing the font sizes on a web page will make for a great mobile-friendly user experience. Increasing text will allow a mobile user to read information on the website much better.

3- Fast Speed: Mobile devices can’t handle large websites. It is best to keep your web page light weight and the lighter it is, the faster it will load. A lightweight website is one that has clean codes, meaning compress CSS and Javascript files. Also, a lightweight website doesn’t have heavy javascript effects. The main way to increase the speed of your site is to lower the HTTP requests in the browsers. The less HTTP requests the browser has, the faster it will load.

4- View Port Meta Tag:  The viewport tag will determine how content is resized on a mobile page. All developers should place the tag in the head of their document.

Example: <meta name=”viewport” content=”width=device-width, initial-scale=1”>

5- Photography:  High-resolution images are in this year. There are multiple areas that a web developer or company can find quality photos to include on their website. The first place would be stock photos that are available for a small fee. Or those who want free photography, Creative Commons are quality photos taken by different individuals and require a link credit back to the original photographer. When using Creative Commons photography, note all the sublicenses as some photos do not allow commercial use. An alternate free way for high-resolution photos is to take some great snaps outdoors or in a studio. Self-taken photos are much more unique as no one will have them one the web! Always remember to use high-resolution photography one a website,but reduce the photo size by compression.

6-Increase Buttons:  Just like font size, a web developer must increase button size on a website. This will ensure that a mobile user can see a button very clearly on his/her mobile device.

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Top 3 Seo Checks for Mobile Devices

1- Run a Broken Link Checker : After launching a website, it is recommended to do a broken link checker for the entire website. Some developers may write a page as About.php in the script and upload it as about.php. This small CHAR error can create an accidentally broken link. Broken links are bad for SEO and it is advised for a web developer to fix and remove all broken links on a site.

2- Check Working Javascript/CSS Effects: Some web developers may have javascript or CSS effects on a website. Although these effects may work perfectly for a desktop, always run a check on a mobile device to see if the effects are working and compatible.

3- Check Navigation Menu Buttons: The menu is the only way for a user to navigate throughout a website. Check all nav buttons for mobile devices to make sure that they are all working.

A great website has a great web design that is up to par with the latest standards and has some good SEO in the mix. Use the above tips to help you for your newest or current web development projects!

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