What is a man in the middle(MITM) attack and how to prevent it?

As the technology is progressing at a high rate it is becoming more and more important to protect our data online from others but it  is never too easy to protect our data online especially nowadays when the attackers are constantly inventing new and new types of attacks to steal our private data and use them in their personal benefits . Sometimes thier attack is not that harmful if it is limited to a small group of people but if the attacks goes on a large organisation or financial databases or websites it can be so disastrous. Today i am sharing one of the most popular attack used by hackers i.e.  man in the middle attack so lets come staright to our topic.

what is man in the middle (MITM) attack?

As the name suggests a man or an attacker is present in the the middle of two systems or nodes or parties and the man which is present between them tries to impersonate both the parties and making them believe that they are talking to the right person but actually attacker is present in between both the parties and he can access all the data shared between the both the users and can manipulate that data according to the need of the conversation and use it for personal benefits. Since the entire conversation goes on a private network so the parties believe that it is safe although they do not know that a n attacker is present between them.

A man in the middle can be one successfully if the attacker forms a mutual interaction between both the parties and is able to make parties believe that the connection is secure.

How man in the middle attack works?

lets take example of three persons lets say alex, tony and sam are three those persons and lets say alex and  sam are interacting with each  other over a private network but they do not know that tony is present in between them . Now alex asks the sam to send him key and the tony passes this to sam and sam sends the key to alex but tony is present in between them so he changes the key of sam and hands key of his own to alex NOW alex sends his account number to sam but tony changes it to his own account number and passes it to sam now sam transfers the money to tony’s account number but tony does not transfer it to alex . And now the man in the middle attack is complete.


Though the much prevention of this attack can only be done by the server .you won’t be having much of the control to prevent this attack . The things you can do is to not to use open public wifi and enable add ons like https everywhere or forceTLS and one of the most important thing is to check whether the server is providing you a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol i.e a type of protocol which is establish only when you are an authenticated by the server and no one is manipulating your information.another thing you  can do is to encrypt the data shared between client and a server.

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