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How To Make a Successful Amazon Affiliate website

Amazon Affiliate has proved beneficial to many people who were looking for ways to earn money. It takes a long time to make the most out of it, though.

Today is the time; I can’t even remember the month I didn’t get deposits from Amazon. Moreover, it’s a common thing for me to be in 7% commission bracket.

Here are few tips that you can also consider to create a  Successful Amazon Affiliate website:


  • Begin with SEO optimization:


Make sure that your site and content is SEO optimized. Search for relevant keywords and use them in your content.

On-page optimizations help in reaching the targeted audience and finally get the desired results. More visible will be your page more are the chances of increase in conversion rate.

Also, you can use some tools like EasyAzon to create text and image links. Their latest version also includes Add to Cart option and pop outs that will create 90-day cookies that we all love.

Another excellent example of a good SEO optimized site is backlinko. With just a few articles and good SEO, this website has become popular and is minting money.  Brian Dean has earned a lot of money using the right SEO techniques.


  • Select Product based on your content:


Be loyal to your audience. Provide them with what they are expecting. Moreover, ensure that you link only those products that match your text.

Don’t include products that are irrelevant and doesn’t fit the description you have provided.


  • Choose Best Product:


Don’t blindly start posting every product related to your niche. If a user sees that there are products with  2 or 3-star rating, then you are more likely to lose your audience.

Feature only best seller products and hot trends while keeping in mind star rating of that particular product. Also, list any cons if a product has and let the user gain complete information.



  • Get creative:


At this time of the year, every other website is publishing the list of top 10’s like Top 10 Smartphones. Do a thorough research and create a title that is catchy and out of the league like Top 10 Budget Smartphones for High-end Gaming.


  • Start by Creating Tracking ID’s:


You can track your sales using these ID. You will know that which sale comes from what website. Amazon makes this thing easier and provides such a facility.


  • Promotion Using Posts:


10Beasts is a very popular name in Affiliate marketing field. With just few posts they can gain a lot of traffic and have a reasonable conversion rate.

Remember, banner ads have far lower conversion rate as compared to text links. Post reviews, comparison, and gift guides. This will attract more users and will lead to increase in sale.

Also, include at least two links and a product image. You can also give a try to Carousel Widget for sidebars.


  • Make Money by Mixing Inexpensive Items:


Selling all the expensive items will be hard. A user, on the other hand, would like to buy more things if inexpensive.

Even if your product is under INR 500 (which is free shipping threshold from Amazon), the user will continue adding the items to his/her cart until the free shipping mark is hit.

This will improve your performance rank and make your site more popular.


  • Provide Freebie:


Just like me, you can also take advantage of Kindle eBook giveaways to increase your Amazon commission.

Look out for free eBooks which are provided by many authors for download. When a user on your site clicks on the freebie, a cookie is set.

Any purchase that he makes after that click accounts for your income. Isn’t it a valuable method to do Affiliate Marketing.

However, you must stay within the Kindle eBook guidelines to prevent Associates accounts lose.

Now let’s have a look at Pros and Cons that comes handy when you join Amazon Associates Program

First of all, I will explain you the Pros of Amazon Affiliate Program:

Amazon provides you with various ways to earn money via commissions. The payments are credited to your account approximately after 60 days from the end of a month when you hit your threshold.

  •    A cheque to your registered address: INR 2500 minimum
  •    Direct Deposit through NEFT: INR 1000 minimum

Apart from easy payment options and low threshold limit, there are few other benefits of this program:

  •    Easy to join, even for the newbie
  •    The large variety of products to promote
  •    Reliable and trusted merchants
  •    Easy to generate affiliate links of individual products

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Cons of this Affiliate Program are:

  •    The duration of cookie is only 24 hours. However, if a person adds an item to the cart, your cookie is locked for 89 days
  •    Commission on products is small, and various trending products are kept free from commission.  

Final Thoughts

Making money from Amazon Affiliates is not very tiresome. You can have a  Successful Amazon Affiliate website if you play smartly and keep in mind the above mentioned vital points. I hope, you add these tricks to your monetization mix and start your journey towards an authority site.  

Author BIO:

Ankur Aggarwal is a Digital Marketer, Entrepreneur, Traveler, Blogger, Foodie. He has multiple websites, but is his new venture. The purpose of Incomeboy is to pass on 100% accurate and genuine information on making and saving more money either online or offline in India. Write to him at [email protected].

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