Iphone Apps Can Secretly Take Photo

Iphone Apps Can Secretly Take Photo or Video Without You Knowing

If you allow any app to camera permission that can secretly shoot photo without you knowing .

An Austrian software developer has discovered a fact in iOS apps that allows camera permission in  Apple’s iPhones and iPads to secretly watch the users without their knowledge .  Now there today many question on Apple ios 11 security.  That means the security loophole in apple ios allow the app to record video or take photo in device which app have camera permision.

For more know about this security loophole watch below video which show app have camera permission anytime take the photo or record video without knowing you.


Every iOS users easily provide  grant camera access to any app soon after they download it.

Krause Say :“These apps, likep a news-feed-based app  a messaging ap, can  track the users face easily and shoot pictures, or record video with front and back camera, without  any notification given to phone . Also user is not aware his/her camera what do.

Krause offered a few solutions ; ho to protect yourself from hack. The real way to protect yourself  from hack is using camera covers; use any camera cover which is good for your phone look according to you.

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Krause has contacted Apple according to the privacy & security issue on iOS. Krause  suggested that Apple could find a good way to give temporary permission to apps such like that any malicious app can’t take full access of camera.   This  guide  help the users take the important steps to protect their privacy.

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