In-Ear Headphones – How To Get The Best Sound From Them

In- Ear headphones are a good choice if you are tired of outer sound leakage while you are listening to music. Of course, there is always a chance to improve the sound so pay a close attention to the following tips. Unlike the standard earbuds, the in-ear headphones are closer to the eardrums which means they can easily provide the best sound quality.

In-ear headphones generally perform better in blocking outer sounds, which means that you don’t have to listen to music at higher volume. In order to achieve this you have to make sure the both pieces of the in-ear headphones sit tightly in your ears. Just make sure you follow the tips given below to achieve this and you will be amazed with the sound quality.

Remember this

The following things have to be kept in mind before you buy in-ear headphones. The ears are not the same in all people so you have to practice placing the headphones to fit perfectly in your ear canal. At the same time in-ear headphones come in different sizes and shapes, so it’s better to try them before you buy them. What you should be looking for are headphones which will completely seal the ear canal so no outer noises can leak in. You will easily notice the difference in sound when your ear is completely sealed and when it isn’t. Additionally, if the earpiece doesn’t fit tightly it may fall out often.

How to Get the Best Sound

At the beginning, you have to be aware that your ear canals are most likely not of the same size. Maybe it’s strange but it’s good to try several different sizes before you make the decision. This will ensure both good sound quality and comfort.

If you want to insert the in-ear headphones properly into your ear you may need to twist . And rotate the ear tip a little. When you notice that the external sound is almost off, you are done. This actually works the same as some good quality noise reduction headphones. Of course, if you notice that the outer sounds are not diminished or the ear tip doesn’t fit firmly try another size.

If this doesn’t give the required results, you can try using a lobe tug.You may need to practice this too. Otherwise, you can try a method called – ear pull.

Pull up your ear before you start inserting the in-ear headphone. Release the ear after you push the headphone. You can also try pulling the ear in different directions before you insert the headphone. However, if you use silicon tips or flanges try to moisten them before inserting. You may be surprised with the results.

Whatever you try, don’t be afraid while you are inserting the headphones in the ear canal. The goal is to place them as tightly as possible. However, if you don’t like the feeling after you place them or it hurts you, you better stop.

The right way to fit the headphones

If you don’t place the in-ear headphones correctly, even the best and most expensive models will sound bad. This is why you have to try to position them well, they mustn’t be too loose, too tight, or cause discomfort. That is why you have to try the headphones before you buy them.

Fitting is the most important factor in getting the best sound possible from your headphones. It simply isn’t enough to insert the ear tip in the ear canal. It has to be done perfectly. Just try to pull your ear in various directions until the ear tip fits perfectly. If you notice that the sound is not so good, it usually means you haven’t placed it properly.


At the end

If you implement all the tips we have mentioned in this article you can easily expect to experience the best sound from your headphones. This headphone type is perfect if you want to get rid of your earbuds since there are many things you can actually do. In order to experience the best sound you can get. These in-ear headphones are generally affordable so you can easily get the best headphones under 100.

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