Important Online Tools To Know Everything About A Website

The  best and important online  tools to  know everything about a particular websites such as website’s owner detail , Ip address  and host provider etc .Every Google users have some  question about the  various websites like – how can they contact the website’s owner ?.  Where a particular  website is hosted ?. And how many other websites which are  hosted on the  same server ?. What is IP address of a particular website ?. Whether  a particular website is accessible from others countries or not .


Here at Mashloud , I aware you of  some of  the important and  best online   tools with  the help of the which you can   able to know  everything about a particular website . So let’s start .

Important Online Tools To Know Everything about a Particular website

1. just – :- 

This online tool is useful to find whether a  website or a particular  blog  can be accessible from others countires  like China , Swizterland and India etc or not . Just ping has in this  world  90 monitoring stations such as China , Egypt and more in other countries . If the result of just ping showed on your screen and says 100% packet loss . Then it means that  a particular website is not accessible from others countries . In below screen shot, you can watch accessibility of from different countries.


2. :-

Whois is best  online  tools which is helpful for every users to find domain name  ,IP address of website , website’s owner phone number  and contact address etc . This look up whois service is working  on throughout the world because it can show all the database of domain of particular website at any instant in the world.

whoisAnd you can also aware about the DNS Record and Diagnostics of a specific site.

If you want to know , where a particular website is hosted and also want to know , what is the name of the company which provide hosting to such website . You can use   this online    tools to know , where a particular website is hosted and also the name of   host provider  company.

whoishostingIn addition , it provide you more features like

  • Hosting Coupons
  • Compare hosting
  • Hosting reviews
  • Top 10 Web host of 2016



Whenever there is   a copyright complaint against a particular website , a copyright content is stored in the lumendatabase . Everyone can question or query to lumendatabase to aware about all copyright complaints against a unique or particular website .



Use this one of best and important online tools to know the  technology stack of a  particular website . With this tool ,you can know mail service provider for a particular domain and tracking widgets which are installed on a particular website .  you can also know Which CDN like Amazon S3 or CDN JS or Gooogle cloud   , a particular website is using .


(See example)


This online tools help you to analyze or study the  website of your competitor . It will help you to find out what organic keywords are using by people . This online tools is useful to find how much is website traffic and what are the competiting websites .


(See example)


This is most of the useful and important online tools for you . This tools is used to check the page speed score  of every websites on mobile and desktop . If page speed score is higher, better is for a particular website.

pageinsight(See example)

8. MyIp:-

Myip is another best online tool provide you whois lookup service which helps you get full detail of a specific websites. From Myip, you can privileged with some useful information about a particular website. This tool give you report of individual websites like

  • Hosting info of site
  • website’s popularity
  • IP Adress and IP Location of site
  • DNS information of site
  •  Name of hosting provider Company
  • Change history of IP Address
  • Website Name server and more


It also knowledge about the Real time statistics of top most best web hosting companies of the world and also about live blacklist statistics ,API and more .

9. Ewhois:

Like other tools , Ewhois is useful to have report of individual site. Ewhois provide you detail of a site like Alexa Taffic Rank , Server IP Address and Google Adsense Id. In addition, From Google analytics code of site , it check out other domain which maybe associate to the same owner of specific site or your site.


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10.  WhatsmyDNS:-

Whatsmydns is helpful in case when you need to purchase another domain or want to change hosting from one company to another. When you done with this task, Domain name server (DNS) Record changes for a particualr domain. After taking some time , it makes these changes globally and test your Domain name server (DNS) record from different position. In Addition , It also test the doman name’A, CNAME ,MX etc.


11. Adsense Sandbox:-

Sandbox heps us to get through the two problems . First one , it tells us how many advertisers are pointed to your site and also another one, enable us to check out whether a specific site is either banned on internet or not .sandbox

12. HttpArchieve:-

Use HttpArchieve ,  one of the best tool to perform all web metrics function like average load time and size of page. Also how many failed request made in time.


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