10 Important And Best Google Url : Every Users Must Know

Today , I will familiar you with the 10 important and best Google URL that help every Google users to get information about themselves .Since every Google users usually comes with the questions that how many websites and ads  there are which have background access to their Google account . Is Google know about me ?. Is Google checking my activity ?.

In addition , Can I see the adds that I used to click on Google ?. Is Google know about  the places where I used to stay recently ?. And Can I saw those adds on which I used to  click on Google ?. Unfortunately , if administrator password escape form my mind where can I go ?. Can I have a log of those adds that I used to click on Google ?. With help of the  best Google URL , we can find answer of these questions.

Here at Mash loud , I tell you some  important  Google URL. Usually these URL are hidden inside Google Dashboard account . All information about you known to Google . So let us have a look at these important and best Google  URL that every Google users must know .

Important Google URL


 Google check all your activity and make a list of your behavior and interest . For instance , Google make a list of user names and password which you type in various browser like chrome , Firefox and also Google itself . to log in to various websites . Google stores all of your password and therefore, can view the passwords that you type in various website for logging . You can use below URL to view all your passwords.



Google create or  develops a profile of yourself depending upon the websites you visited . Then Google check and attempt to predict your interest , age and sex and then use all these information to present you more relevant ads . You can know how Google watch you on the web by this link .



Google also enable you to sent out all of your  data out of the  Google ecosystem . Google makes you able to download your bookmarks , Google photos , You tube videos and places you visit and emails etc . This is another best wizard from which , you can download all your data .



Sometimes some bloggers copy the content appearing on the another websites . If somehow you notice that your website content appearing on another website .

Then you maybe complaint to Google about this issue or removed that content which appearing on another website . You can even remove website that are copying your content . So utilize this link to solve this problem with ease .



Your android device maybe sent out all your recent location data and speed i.e how fast are you moving and are you  moving or not etc, back to Google map .You can get all these data from Google map website and you can also download all these data as KML  files which can be view to you by using this URL.



When we create new Google account with or using our existing email address . Then whenever we sign up, we have to use our @G mail.com address at that time as our Google account  User name . But almost with this  best Google URL , we may also use another email address as our user name .



Do you know .? Google and You tube check and make a list of all search term that you spoken and entered into their search boxes . If you click on Google and You tube videos to watch . They also make a list of those ads and videos .

You are also able to watch a list of all your audio search queries . The following Urls are too beneficial for you to have such information.

Google searches               –  History.Google.com

Voice searches                  – history.Google.com/history/audio

You tube videos searches  –You tube.com/feed/history


Google users met with this problem that if they are not login to their G mail account within each nine month at least once. Consequently, Google may remove their account as per program policies . In case they have more than one G mail accounts .

Just simply set one accounts as trusted accounts and other as secondary accounts . As a result ,Google remind you of login to your secondary G mail accounts within a just few months . For this , use this wizard .



 If somehow you are unable to locate your phone . By using , Google device manager , you have power to locate your phone so that you can find that. Finally if  in case , you lost your phone . To find your phone , you must require two conditions .

  •   Phone must be switched on .
  •   Connected with Internet .

After the process of locating your phone , you can do all these below written things from your Google account.

  •  Ring the phone
  • Can find IMEI number  
  • Can watch location of phone .
  • Can even delete contents of phone from a distance .

Google.com/android/device manager


Sometimes Google users thinks that their Google account is used by someone . For overcoming this problem , unlock the activity report to watch a list of all devices which are used currently to log in to your account .

And then  you can get a list of IP address and also geographical location of that devices which are used to log in to your account . By doing this,   you maybe not  able to log out of the Google session .

My account.Google.com/security


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I hope you gain information from this article important and best Google  URL . If you caught  this article useful for you .So  share this article on social media so as to knowledgeable your friends . If any suggestion about this article , you are free to ask by comment box .

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3 thoughts on “10 Important And Best Google Url : Every Users Must Know

  1. Don’t know if you copied the topic from somewhere or what, but you really grabbed the interest of user! Very cool article i must say 😉
    And indeed very informative… Honestly i read this article in office timings, but was so keen to try out things mentioned in 6th and 8th point, i am now commenting from fone at home, and will use these things! (though i didn’t bookmark your website, but your domain name is quite cool to remember and it took me a matter of seconds to just Google and then browse your archive pages to find this quality article!)
    Although i know many of the above mentioned things, but which are new to me, are definitely very very useful! I own multiple google accounts, dont use all of them regularly but want to keep them active so ill just use the trick number 8th for sure.

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