How To Transfer Balance From Airtel To Airtel?

Many a time, you would have faced the problem of not having enough balance to call or to message someone, and you might have thought about, ‘what if the balance could also be transferred from one sim to another’. To make the wish of users come true, Airtel has brought a unique and cool feature to transfer the balance from Airtel to Airtel. And in this article, we have explained to you, how you can transfer your balance from one sim another sim of Airtel. So, just after a short description of what transfer balance is, let us just quickly get into the steps about how to transfer balance.

If you want to transfer main balance of your airtel number to any other airtel number. There are some terms conditions which every user must get to know: –

  • Airtel does not allow to share your balance to another network number.
  • You can only transfer from Airtel to Airtel.
  • You can only send talk time balance to another Airtel number.
  • Most importantly, Airtel charges a small amount of cost on airtel balance transfer service.

How Does Balance Transfer Works?

Firstly, Airtel balance transfer provides the feature to transfer the balance from airtel network number to airtel only (and that too with charging a small amount of cost).

Secondly, you can send your talk time balance to another airtel number. Directly, the talk time balance gets deducted from the sender network number and get added into the talk time balance of receiver network number after deducting a small amount of cost of transferring talk time.

Steps to Transfer Balance from Airtel to Airtel

After getting known to each aspect of transferring the balance from Airtel to Airtel. Here are some simple steps which have to provide to transfer the balance talk time successfully. Make sure you enter the network number of the receiver carefully.  Follow the mentioned steps below to transfer talk time balance: –

Info Credits – DreamyTricks.Net

  1. Dial *141# on your mobile phone. (It is the simple USSD code of Airtel.)
  2. After dialing, one dialog box would appear on screen with many options in it (as shown in the below picture.)


  1. You have to select 1 according to this dialog, i.e., you have to select “SHARE TALKTIME” option.

NOTE: – There is another feature provided by Airtel, i.e., you can ask for talk βtime from the contacts of yours if you ever require balance. By simple Selecting the 5, i.e., “ASK TALKTIME”.


  1. After selecting the SHARE TALKTIME, you will be required to enter the amount of balance you want to transfer to your contact.


NOTE: – The minimum amount you can share is Rs 5/-, and maximum amount is Rs 40/- in one transfer.  


  1. After entering all the details asked there, you need to proceed.
  2. After proceeding, it will show, how much amount of charge will be deducted from your balance for transferring balance.

Transfer Balance From Airtel To Airtel

  1. If you are OK will that then, you need to proceed further and enter the contact number to which you want to send money.
  2. After successful transfer, you will get an automatically generated message with transaction details.
  3. Your friend will also get a message of credited balance.


Hope you would now find it simple to transfer the balance from Airtel to Airtel. If you ever face any problem in transferring the balance, you need to check the conditions. Otherwise, you can contact to the customer care of the airtel.

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