How To Take A Screenshot On Windows

How To Take A Screenshot On Windows 7, 8 And 10

Want to take a screenshot in window, but don’t know how to take a screenshot on windows pc.  It is effortless to make a screenshot in window 7, 8 and 10. Here I explain step by step “ how to take a screenshot in windows.”  There are many ways to take a screenshot in windows.

Easy Method To Take A Screenshot On Windows (all versions) :

Take Quick Screenshots with Print Screen

This method is very easy and works in all version of the window.

Method 1 :

Click the win + printscr , when you hold the window button and press the printscr button. Your window pc auto takes the screenshot of your pc screen. And the screenshot is saved in mypc/picture/screenshot (below screenshot show you the location where your screenshot file save).   


Method 2: This work in all version of windows.

In this method help you to take the screenshot of full screen.  Firstly visit on that screen which one do you want to capture. Click printscr button and go to paint app; then their click paste or press ctrl + v (the screenshot paste on your screen and you can save it with the help of paint app).  take a screenshot on windows with paint

Take a Screenshot of One Window (All Versions)

Open that window which you want to capture. Press Alt + Print Screen or PrtSc key. Open Paint and paste their screenshot or   Press Ctrl  V to paste the screenshot into Paint. You can also save the screenshot file to Press Ctrl and S to save the screenshot.

To Take a Screenshot of Part of Your Screen

This feature is fantastic with the help of this feature you can quickly take a screenshot on window pc. But this feature only in window 10.

Press Ctrl + Shift + S   .  After that auto, Your screen will appear grayed out, and your mouse cursor will change. Then you access the new feature Click and drag on your pc screen to select the part of your screen which you want to capture.

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