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How To Get Traffic From Google On Your Blog/Website

Which traffic come from google is always a target traffic that help us to earn more income with Affiliate Marketing & Adsense.  So, this reason everyone want traffic from google search engine.  Today , Here at MashLoud (Tech Magazine); i share how to get traffic from google.  Once you follow my tips , surely you will get good traffic from google and too other search engines.

WHY Google Traffic Is Important For Our Blog ?

Google give us  target traffic (real traffic ). So this type of traffic help us increase CPC in Adsense and also help us increase affiliate sale. So how it work for example : I want to create a blog ; i search on google create a blog and google show someone website on top when i visit on that blog and make blog on their affiliate link they earn commission and him sale increase . So they get more income .  Google 50% traffic is sure which give you sale and you will earn good income with affiliate .


Tips TO Get Traffic From Google On Your Blog/Website:

STEP 1 :  Verify Your Blog On Google

STEP 2 : Search Proper Keyword for your new post .  Try Top Tools To Find Keywords For your new article .

STEP 3 :  Write SEO Optimize Post

STEP 4 :  Share your blog post on social media and also use social Share buttons your blog .

STEP 5 :  Generate backlink , start guest posting , commenting to generate backlinks.

STEP 6 :  Write at least 2 article in a weak because google love updated blog and also update your old articles  every month .

STEP 7 : Write good content because content is king . If you write good content visitor spend more times on your blog and too read your blog other articles. Google also notice which blog have long term visit (visitor spend time more than 20 to 30 seconds  ) for ranking factor .

If you follow above steps ; surely you will get good traffic from google .

I hope you like this post , if you have any suggestion or query on this topic please comment on this post. For more Tech & Internet related tips subscribe our newsletter via email.

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