How To Edit And Schedule Facebook Posts

In nowadays, facebook become very popular social media account among the people of world. It connects different people of different countries having sane interest, thinking and views etc. Basically, the different people can know and make understanding with each other through facebook. So, facebook give platform to many facebook users so that they can interact with different kind of people in the world.   In facebook, people share their feelings, views,  thinking with others by posting on their facebook timeline. But in case, he wanted to present his views by scheduling post i.e he just need to set time for post.

Do wanna to save time by  facebook post scheduling. Today, we guide your mind towards how to schedule facebook posts.In addition, you will learn here how to schedule your post on Google+ and twitter account. And on other social media accounts also like Linkedin, pinterest etc. This article on mashloud is not only useful for social media account users but also for bloggers.Because they can schedule the posting of their articles on social media accounts and could save time in order to write other article.

Tools To Schedule Facebook Posts

#1. Postcron:-

This tools not only help you to schedule posts on facebook accounts but on the rest of the social media accounts. Click here  to check paid plan which help you to schedule your posts on multiple social media accounts. With the plan of $8 per month, it allow you schedule your posts upto on 14 social media accounts.

Learn to Schedule posts With Postcrom

Learn to schedule facebo0k posts  by following steps.

  1. In process to learn schedule facebook posts , you have to click here.
  2. After this, you visit page which have  three opotion ( sign with facebook , google and twitter accounts) . You must first sign with your appropiate social media  account. It means a social media accounts in which you want to schedule your post.
  3. If you sign with your facebook account, then you will see interface of scheduling post  as you can see in below image. 
  4. You can also choose two or more than one accounts to schedule facebook posts.
  5. Once you finished with facebook post. You can edit the post also. Just tap on Option “Schdule” as you can see in image.
  6. Even you can also review your scheduled post. And then post posted on your account on time set by you.


This trick is just not for only facebook account but also for other social media accounts like Google+,twitter ,Linkedin and pinterest etc.


#2. Buffer:-

Buffer is free to use with limited features. For using advanced features of buffer, you have to pay $10 per month. Under this plan, you can manage upto  10 social media accounts. One cool features of this tool is that it shortens the link automatically when you paste link of some article.

Learn To Schedule With Buffer

  1. First click here . Then sign with the any of the social media accounts. If you sign with the facebook accounts.
  2. You will see interface in which you can schedule facebook posts. It will shortens the long link automatically. 
  3. After finished with your post, you can choose whether you want to share it now or schedule posts. And also share next to previous posts.
  4. You are able to see your recent shared posts and also schedule posts.


#3. PostPlanner:-

Postplanner comes with free use and limited features. For using pro version of it, you must pay $7 per month. This pro version allow you to manage 5 social media accounts and permit you to schedule 50 post per day. Click here to view prices. It helps you to schedule posts on facebook pages, facebook profiles and twitter profiles.


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