How To Decide Name Of Your New Blog

Decide the name of new blog is biggest task , when ever i decide to make my business with blogging , I spend many day to decide the name of my website. Finally , I choose MashLoud name for my website . But many of newbie people are very confused , today my post for those people. Here i share with you , how decide great domain name for your new blog.

paper and pen taken

Write some name on paper , which are coming in your mind. For my suggestion don’t choose your name as your blog name , if its your personal journal blog then used. If you want make blog for build your business or making money , don’t use your name thinking about some branded name , which is less then 15 word are easily to remember like mashloud. MashLoud is less than 15 word or also good to speak , no hard to hear , choose this type of domain , which have all these quality. Firstly write on paper some name . After that , decide goal of blog.

Goal Of Your Blog

Which type of content you want to write in your blog, for example if you have good knowledge of new technology , you want to write about tech material in your blog , choose name like tech related. If you have no idea what you want to write in your blog , Firstly find in yourself , which type of talent you have . I give you some example which really help you to decide your goal. Here good example are, if you are gym boy , write goal on body bulding, choose some name related to gym or bodybuliding. If you are girl , you are good cooked , write goal on cooking and chose domain related to cooking. That way , if you have any type of quality , chose that quality into blogging.

Don't used trademark names

Big mistake do many people, they take a domain like google , apple, adsense etc.Use these name created legal issue .

Rich Keyword

If you very much confused , for my suggestion choose some rich keyword for your domain , if you don,t have idea about which type of content you put in your new blog . Choose 2.. or 3 topic and for writing content and choose rich keyword as your domain . Search on google rich keyword, google help you to find them.

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