How To Be Successful In Life

In today’s world , most of the People  want  to  know  the secret of success and to be successful in life?. How will they to be successful in life ?.
Its not the matter , they want to know the secret of success.. But the matter is that whether they want to succeed or not.?.

For instance , As in  the story of Socrates and a young man.
A young man asked Socrates what is the secret of success  .
Socrates told  the young man to come near pond the next dawn . on that   dawn ,they met. Socrates told the young man to come with him into the pond. When water reach up to their neck ,  by surprisingly , Socrates hold his head and dipped into the pond . Young man was trying to  get   out    of   pond . But Socrates was strong . After few moments ,   Socrates pulled his head out of water . Young    man   takes    some breath . Socrates Questioned him , When You Are In Pond ,what Is The Basic Need For You. He said “Air” . Socrates told him , this is the secret of success. As you want the air in the pond , similarly have desire for the success or things you want in your life.
Then you will be able to achieve success.

Here at MashLoud I share some best steps which help you to be successful in life.

STEPS TO Be  Successful In Life:


Dream Big

First of all , Dream big. you have to become a big thinker . Decide what do you want in your life . Then start feel for that you want to become . Believe that you had already achieve which is wanted by you . Your dream is yours . Dreams in such a way that you have no limit . Then try to make some effort to achieve which you want in your life and you will be able to achieve success in life .

TRY NEW THINGS:   try new things become to be sucessful

Most of the people stick to one work . If they can sing , they sole sing . If they are good in studies , they will only Study . I suggest to these People that try new things in life like ‘ if they can sing , they should try to dance ‘  , ‘ if they are well in studies , then they must put their in practice ‘ etc.  By trying new things , you are upgrading yourself . You are acquiring multitasking properties. This also build up your self confidence  to achieve success in life . As in the proverb ” If You Have Ability To Do Only One Thing , Then You Will Not be able to  Become better Than What You are”. So keep trying new things in life .


Be Confident


Confidence means to feel that you can do something in life .Having self confidence in yourself enable you to move forward in life to get everything in life. If you have no self confidence in yourself , you have to depend on others like a man walking with crutches . His lack of self confidence or weakness of will enable him to take unnecessary support like crutches. Its not crutches that force him to think that he is lame and cannot walk without crutches . Actually its his lacks of self confidence or fear of failure that he thinks that he is lame . As you see , having no self confidence lead you to hell . So you must have self confidence to achieve something  in life.



Be Positive

The another prominent step to achieve success in life is – Be Positive .By thinking positive , you are satisfying that you are going well towards the things you want in life . If You are not positive towards what you want in life. Then you will no be able achieve anything in life . If have thoughts like ‘ I m poor’ , ‘I can’t do this’ , ‘ fear of failure’ etc. In this way , you are not positive towards your goal . Just remember well known saying “ What We Think Is Who We Become ” So keep positive attitude to achieve success in life .


                                                           Take Risk

Taking risk is also a another useful step to be successful in life. I am not telling about to get addicted to take risk in life. Just simply take risk when you need. when you have no other way. As you know that fortune help the Brave person.



Enjoy every moment

Most of the people , when they are struggling in their life. They simply think   about    past and  future . They think , their  past is so bad so the future  will be the same  because   they acquire negativity towards the thing they wanted in their life . This all lead to failure in life. Such people should enjoy the present moment and find peace i.e a peace of mind . I suggest you some moment to have peace of mind . For instance , Dusk the time of evening . Its so beautiful  and  peaceful   moment  with sunsetting and also  the  time   of  morning  with sunrising and so . Everyone should enjoy these peaceful moments to have peaceful mind because if you have a peace of mind , then your mind can lead you to light and helps to be successful in life .



You Are Unique

Usually , the people of modern world compare themselves with others . Then they try to do that things which others people can do so that there is no comparison of themselves among others and even also try to become like those people without thinking that what they wanted in their  life and  what type of qualities they have which others people do not have . When they fail to do so . Ultimately , spoil  their  future .   They should     know that they are unique creation of God . God has not created exact copy of them in this universe . By comparing themselves with others . Actually they are insulting of their qualities . So you must not compare yourself with others .

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I feel you catch this article helpful for you to be  successful in life. If you like this article , please share this article on social media. If you find any query  tell me via comment , I look forward to hearing from you .

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