What is Hacking ? Definition & Types

Hacking is a way to  identify a weakness in computers and network to gain access.  With the help of hacking skill you can crack any computer software , access someone pc by your computer , access any website data & access any private network.  Who have hacking skill that person is called hacker. For more understand about hacking you need to firstly understands about hacker and some below Important topics.

ImPortant Topic To Understand HAcking :

  • Hackers & It’s Types
  • What is Ethical Hacking
  • Why Ethical Hacking

# Hacker & Its Types :

Hacker is a person who have skill to find weakness in computers and any private network to gain access.  Cyber crime police daily arrest many bad hackers & too charges millions of $ for there hacking crime . So, please don’t use hacking for illegal purpose . But many good hackers earn millions of $ to help big companies like google, facebook etc. Mainly some types of are given below.

  1.  White Hat (Ethical Hacker) :– This is a good hacker who help companies . This type to hacker find a weakness in computer system or network to gain access and try to fix that issue.
  2. Black Hat Hacker :–  This is not a good hacker . This type of hacker work for own , it’s access computer and other network for their own needs such as access bank accounts to transfer money and do fraud activities etc.
  3. Grey Hat Hacker  :– Who is in Between Black and White hacker that types of hacker is known as grey hat hacker . That types of work  on our ways , company contact to this type of hacker to help . This is independent hacker , who work according to their mood.
  4. Script Kiddie:  This types of hacker use hacking tools which were created by real hacker ; with the help of that look , hack the system or network. This types of hacker have no knowledge about coding , just they know how to use tools .

What is Ethical Hacking ?

Ethical hacking allow to  finding weaknesses in a  network  or computer system for testing purpose and getting  fixed them.  Ethical hacker provide protection and help us to fixed  weakness of our network .

This platform ” International Council of E-Commerce Consultants (EC-Council) ” provides a certification to ethical hacker who passed the exam given by this platform .

Ethical hacking is legal , so in this tutorial we provide basic ethical hacking tutorial for knowledge base .

Why Ethical Hacking ?

  • Ethical Hacking is legal.
  • Ethical Hacking is used to improving & protect the security of computer networks or security .

In this article you had learn what is hacking & hacker types , For more articles related to ethical hacking . Visit =  Hacking Category

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