Full Guide To Delete Whatsapp Photos Automatically


Today, we will guide you how to delete whatsapp photos. Whatsapp is best messenger app which is used by most people of the world. Since we have colleages, friends and relatives who sent us images of inspirational quotes in  every morning. They themselves received these images from others. Rare people thinks that it is their responsibility to rise early their whatsapp friends with message of “Good Morning” associated with photos of early rising sun or water fall etc.

You will find problem with whatsapp is that these messages sent from those whatsapp contacts who are much close in your life. Therefore, you will not be able to bock them. Even you have an alternate idea for problem. Just mute the whatapp groups but photos which are downloaded will take important space on your phone.

We will give another alternative for this. Click on the Galleryapp on your phone. And utilize file manager app so that you can locate all the media folder of your whatsapp accounts. As result, you can delete the complete folder which contain whatsapp images sent by your whatsapp contacts. Since whatsapp does’t know the difference between the real photo and useless forward photo. So there is a risk of removing of good photos.

So to resolve this entire problem, we inform you of the best app to delete the whatsapp photos. This app helps you to delete all the junks photos  of media folder from your  whatsapp .

How To Delete whatsapp Photos


  • First download the app name “magic cleaner” from google playstore.
  • Open this app, again tap. As a result of this action. The magic leaner apps scans and detect all the junk photos of your media folders like memes, screenshot, video, Gif video, cartoons and other photos with text written on it.
  • This app offer you option  to delete all the detected junk photos with click.

How This App Works

This app has features of google image recognition which analyze or reads the content of the photos to select whether a given photos is junk or not. But this app needs acitve internet. The reason is that process of picture recogintion analysis is made on Siftr server. Not on mobile.

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I also use this app to delete junk images . It delete upto 300 junk images of media folder successfully. This app is free to utilize but it allow you to delete limited  number of junk images. If you want to delete to more junk images, you must invite your friends to use this app by facebook or whatsapp.


If you caught this article how to delete whatsapp photos useful for you. So please do sharing with your friends on social media sites.

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