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How To Find The Name Of Song Without Know The Lyrics

Sometime when you go somewhere such as any mall, restaurant etc with your family or friends. There maybe some songs are playing that gets stuck in your head badly  ,You like that song , you want to keep it hearing again and again and want to get that song in your phone or laptop.  And if You don’t know anything about song such as artist name. As you know it is so difficult to find that song on google , yahoo & bing search engines without  lyric and artist name.  Here at MashLoud, we explain how you find  song name without knowing the lyrics.

Find The Song Name Without Know The Lyric:

Today here so many music recognition online platform which help you find that music without knowing the lyric. Here I Share some best platform with you which help you easily find the song name.

Find Music Name With Mobile :

Here some apps for android, ios and window os, which help us to find song name without the name of the lyrics.


shazam(find songs without lyrics)


Shazam is one of the best platform from mobile users to find the name of any song wiithout lyrics. This platform have apps for android, window, ios, blackberry and too s6o old device like nokia. This app is simply to use. It’s free version lets you recognise 5 song for every month. But paid version help you find unlimited music just for $4.if shazam didn’t recognise song, there will no fee charge. This app lets you find song less than a minute.

To identify a song, just install shazam app. After this, tap on audio source. Let this app to recognize the song that is playing right now. It will show you a artist name and song name also. But shazam can recognize music that is prerecorded, doesn’t work with live performing song. If Uk is your birthplace, then you just have to dial 2580 and then lets your phone to recognize music. By doing this, you will aware of that artist name and song name also.


Find Song Name With Your Own Voice :


 Midomi is a free online platform and it have also apps for android, mac & window. With the help of this platform you can easily find the name of any song . For finding song name you can also sing or if you know tuning of that song, you just hum for 12 second. Then you have knowledge of a particular song’s artist and its name also.  And you can also play recorded song. For example you go anywhere where lovely song are played just record that song (not full  just little) after that use midomi tool that tool find your song name.


Find Song Name With Keyword :



Its discovered after wikipedia, it just a another best media tool which help to find the name of song without lyrics by virtual keyword. In other words, here you find the name of any song with the help of virtual keywords.


Can you play the tune on virtual keyboard, if yes. Then melodycatcher will catch melody. And show you name of song and its artist name.

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