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Would you want to make your own videos and not able to find best music that you can use in your vidoes. So, today’s article on article is just for you. In recent years, craze of making youtube channel is spectacular in modern young generation. They want to earn money with high speed by making youtube channel. They are so talented that all of them can make videos on different topics. The main thing for them is to choose music which has to be used in their videos. Because music used in videos is must to attract visitors to specific youtube channel. As you know, videos without music is make of no use.

Today, we presents you the best websites with the help of which you can  find royalty free music for your own created videos. You can find professionals audio or song or music which you use in your videos. Even you can search audio by  category wise. Find SFX sound effects here and also get audio files or music files in high quality. So lets start with these websites.

Best Websites To Find Royalty Free Music

#1. PremiumBeat:-

PremiumBeat is the best one tool to find royalty free music so that you can in your videos. It costs you $49 per audio tracks. All tracks like song, short clips and loops sets are included. You can get your tracks as well as special sound effects on this websites.




#2. AudioJungle:-

AudioJungle comes with special sound effects and audio tracks. This website costs you for SFX and audio tracks depend on the pupularity of artists who made it. But rest of tracks or you can typical tracks whose cost is between $10-$20. Even you can also find royalty free music like audio tracks and cool sound effects on this website. In AudioJungle, audio tracks are just made of loops that means 3 minutes tracks will play for 10 mintues with repetition and no noticeable gaps.



#3. Tunefruit:- 

Tunefruit is one another websites where you can get royalty free music to use in your videos. For personal use, it will costs you $30 per tracks and for commercial use, you have to pay $100 per tracks. One more thing about this websites is  that it doesn’t give you any sound effects or SFX. Find music for your project presentations with tunefruit.


#4. CCmixter:-

CCmixter is a website that give you some free music to use in your videos or presentation. Before downloading the tracks, msut check whether a song is free to download or not. Like tunefruit, it also not give any sound effects or SFX.


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