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The free best tools like Alexa , Compete etc   basically helping us to guess how much traffic on Website . Website traffic depends upon visitors , page views , your conversation among different users , backlinks and more . If you want to aware of how much traffic on website and where it is coming from ?. And also keen to aware of how much traffic on other websites from your niche achieving for competitive analysis ?. This task can be  little hard for any third party software to guess or measure the traffic on website .

There are some free tools which can help you to know traffic on website and also enable you to better understand the popularity of a website . Here we go.

1.  Alexa:-

Alexa is the one of the free best tool to know the Traffic on website . You just have to type and then enter your website’s domain .Then Alexa will show the Gobal rank of your website’s domain which is basically based upon or measure of  both the page views and unique visitors .Webmasters are not convinced of Alexa number ,however Alexa result enable you to estimate or guess the popularity of a website .

For more information,

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2.   Semrush:-

This is another best tool to estimate the traffic on website . With this tool , you can know which sites are bringing most traffic to your website and also the keywords which attract visitors to come on your website . You can also know the average CPC ( Cost Per Click ),position of keywords in search engine and whether traffic trends for a keywords we use ,are dying or not .

3.  Compete:-

Compete is another best tool to estimate or guess the total US (unique visitior) traffic for each website on the Internet .Basically this tool utilize data from ISPs , tool bar and some other data sources which all tend to help  to guess or predict the traffic on website .Compete also provide other metrics like demographics , how much time a user spend on site ,page views and more . But All these information are available to users who pay for this .


4.  Similarweb:-

This tool is useful to analyze or study any website with SimilarWeb extension .    SimilarWeb extension show the Global rank and also country rank of a website . With this best tool , you can know how much traffic a website getting  from organic searches , paid searches , social sites like Twitter, Facebook etc and also from Top Referring websites and more . Also you can know engagement stats like time on site , page views and bounce rate .


5.  Quantcast:-

QuantCast is just like a compete . With this tools , you can aware of how many number of people have visited a  particular  website  for  given  time   from  desktop  or   android phone. For Website implemented with QuantCast tags , then you get correct or accurate metrics like visitor demographics, traffic from each country and traffic split in mobile and desktop .


 Traffic With Google AdWords:-

In previous years , Google Ad planner and Google trends  ( click and check trends of every country of the world i.e what’s happening in a particular country) were the best tools to estimate the traffic of website . But still you can utilize  display planner tool which is inside Google AdWords to get a good estimate or guess of traffic on website . Now follow the steps .

  1.   First click on Display planner    and then  sign in with your Google account. Then  you are ask to become AdWords advertisers to use this tool .You can skip this .
  2.  After this enter your domain’s name in the search box . Then set or confirm compaign target to United States or eliminate geograhpic target to watch Global traffic .
  3. Then hit on “Get Placement ideas“. After this , Google show you average click  per week for the domain .
  4.  Then multiply that number by 4, you will get a accurate idea of monthly traffic of website .


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I hope you catch the article Find How Much Traffic On Website knowledgeable for you  . If you like the article , don’t forget to share on social sites .And any suggestion feel free to tell via comment section.

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