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Top & Best Easy ways to create GIF images

You can now easily get rid of all those old-fashioned ways to create an animated GIF using Photoshop. In today’s world which revolves around connectivity and smartphones, you have the option to share GIF in a faster and better way.Here are some of the tools which can make  easy  to create gif and less time-consuming.

Tools To Create Gif Images  :


This is an easy technique to create GIF. On visiting this website, it asks you to provide any YouTube link and converts the video into a GIF in no time. You have the option of choosing the size and speed depending upon your requirement and can also add text on it. In case the GIF is small in size like less than 2MB then the website offers you with an option to post it over Imgur, and in the case of a larger size, you can post it to Cloudpix.It also provides a download option for the files that you have created.The process is very straightforward and fast at working.You might get interrupted with some connection problem which is not necessarily from the website end.This provides you with the benefit of no watermark or spam.

Website Link:


Recordit provides your GIF with a better productive use case.It considers your idea of short, embed-able gifs avoiding full videos and gives an on-screen function.The Mac version of Recordit which comes for free allows five minutes of recording.After the completion, the video gets uploaded and a URL is provided for easy sharing.It has a “generate GIF” button available on each video.After the crunching is done, a .gif file pops up.This process is present there on the homepage of the website’s homepage.This has made it a simpler process.

Website Link :


The short videos that are recorded as boomerang are saved as mp4 files.They appear as GIFs which plays in a loop while you upload them.These are not exactly Graphics Interchange Format, but on of a kind.All you need to do is download and install boomerang which comes for free.It is really good to record snippets of life.It also provides you with the feature of adding filters to it.It consumes space on your gadget and that’s why you can delete the file once you are done with the deed.

Website Link :


This application has added a GIF-making feature to the iOS platform recently and also on android after a few months. In case you are invested at posting to Tumblr while you are out of town, it’s the best tool. It can also handle Apple’s Live Photos. You just need to open the application and select the “Compose” option and choose the photo which you want to turn into a GIF. You can also select a live Photo or series of pictures present in your camera roll. It indicates about a file if it is compatible or not. You can also add caption and tags to your GIF. It has the same speed, loop, crop and other sizing tools.You can also use the GIF sets and directly post it on your blog.

Website Link :


This provides a feature of high art GIF selfies. It has the feature by which you can take short videos of your own face and convert them into animations and use filters over them. This application is present for iOS and android and has become a most used application. It also provides a looping mode to play the video.

Website Link :


In case you want to have a GIF of something you are doing at your place, and there is no one at home, this method is the best way out. All you have to do is place your laptop or computer in front of you and record your video using the Photo Booth app. Now you can upload this video to the GIF Maker section of Gipsy’s website, which is another tool that helps in making GIFs from videos present on YouTube. You can now add text to your GIF clip.

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GIF provides you a way to convey your sentiments. This iPhone app is about gratification. GIFs have categories that include sponsored images. All the results of GIF are not perfect, as its difficult to maintain the illusion of a moving substance or person. Still, this application is quick enough to get your work done and send a GIF as a quick text message. Since your camera roll is being used in creating GIF so there are possibilities that this application might use other faces as well. So, you need to use this feature properly.

Website Link  :


These are some simple steps to create a GIF. You need to open QuickTime player and then select “new screen recording”. Then drag the box around video that you wanted to record and click record and then stop and save the file. You can now open the file in GIF Brewery available on the app store. In this, you can crop and resize the video and even add captions using “manage Overlay”. It also has the option to reduce colors in a GIF. Finally, click on “create GIF” and then save.

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