Disable Chrome plugins And Extensions

Disable Chrome plugins And Extensions: Full Guide

Before I start with my article. Let me aware you of the terms: extension and plugins. The extension is a part which you can add to something to make more usable or enlarge. It lets you add the new type of function to your chrome browser. For instance, if you have notifier extension, it will show you an email alert. Now comes to the chrome plugins, it is a software which is designed to install on some programs to increase their capabilities. Like, if you wish to play a video or movie file. Then Quicktime plugin must be installed on your computer and supported by your chrome browser or any other. And you can play that movie file.

Chrome plugins and extension are free to download. But sometimes if you want to disable these extensions or plugins without deleting or uninstalling them. So our today tutorial will explain to you. How you can disable chrome plugins and extension.

Ways  To Disable Chrome Plugins And Extension


Chrome Extension:-  There are two steps to disable the chrome extension. One is, you can go to the menu bar. And other is, you have to enter URL in chrome search box.

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First one is easy. So let’s have attention on the second one. First of all,  open chrome browser and type ” chrome://extension”- Tap enter. Then you will watch lists of all chrome’s extension. For every extension, you see extension’s details like name, version number, related links, and description, etc. Two more option you will see next to extension name, i.e., delete and enable.

By clicking on delete option extension will be deleted. But to disable the extension, tap on enable option. This option will disable the extension. And you can also enable later on by just tapping on an empty box.

Chrome Plugins:- copy and paste chrome://settings/content/ press enter. And this link will direct you to the content settings of chrome. There you will see many options.

You have to scroll down and then tap on plugins access. There will be two section ‘allow’ and ‘block’. If you want to block chrome plugins for a temporary time. Then tap on a block option. You can allow or enable it by tapping on allow option.

I want to inform that chrome://plugins URL has no longer access. This URL is tempory down.

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