The Default Router IP Address Explained

The communication between the router and other devices won’t be possible without an Internet protocol. The functioning of the internet protocol is defined by sending and receiving data. In the network, the PC and other devices have a unique IP address which allows them to access the Internet.

The benefits of the internet today can’t even be listed. Whoever uses a laptop or another mobile evice, uses the internet too. Since a wired network is a bit complicated, people tend to use wireless networks. Besides that IP addresses the router uses a different type of IP which makes it possible for us to access the router settings on our own. When we talk about IP addresses, we have to mention that there are two types – public and private. The IP we have just mentioned is a private IP address and every device in the network has a unique one.

Accessing the Router Configuration page

Owning a wireless network is impossible without a wireless router. There are many popular companies in the computing industry which produce routers. This is good because in order to have a good and reliable network you have to have a quality wireless router. The default IP address these manufacturers give to their routers is different depending on the manufacturer, but in some cases some of them use the same IP as a default one.

When you have a wireless network it is important to make sure it is secured so it is quite important to learn how to login to the router configuration page in order to secure it.

  • First of all you have to make sure that the PC or laptop is connected to the router
  • Next open the web browser and type the most popular default router IP address in the URL bar. There are big chances that this is the right IP address.
  • With the right default username and password you will be allowed to change the router settings.

Being able to access the router settings is vital if you want to secure your wireless network and prevent others from accessing your private data or ruining the time and work you have spent to set up the network. The first step is to change the default router password. For lots of so called “hackers” it is enough. To change the password you have to login to the router and make all the necessary changes. One of these changes should be to change the default IP address. The soon you realize how important it is to learn how to do this, the better it would be.

The Good Sides of Accessing the Router Configuration Page

One of the vital things in the network is the privacy of the user so it is recommended to set up a strong password made of numbers, special characters and letters both capital and small. It is also recommended to change the password every now and then for security reasons. With the password you can change the router settings and this is the best place to start troubleshooting network problems. Another thing to change is the network name because by default it broadcasts the router brand. And if one knows the brand, he or she will easily find the default router IP, username and password. So, spending some time to secure the router and the network will keep you away from unnecessary problems.

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It is normal that people want to access the internet from the privacy of their own home. Therefore a strong password is needed to prevent others from ruining your privacy. It is vital that you avoid doing typing errors or the login process will be unsuccessful. Having all this in mind will make it easy to access your router settings and securing your own wireless network.

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