How to Create Themes for Gravity Forms without Coding

Gravity Forms happens to be the best form builder for WordPress. It is very easy to use and comes with features that lets you create any type of advance form. It has been coded by keeping in mind WordPress coding standard. There are hundred’s of hooks and filters using which developers can customize or add new functionality to it.


Features of Gravity Forms

  • Drag and Drop Builder: It is very easy to create forms with inbuilt Drag and Drop builder. There is no need to do any sort of coding for adding fields in form. All the fields like single line input, radio buttons, checkbox inputs, textarea, captcha support, name, address, phone number, section break etc are available by default. You are free to customize labels, descriptions etc for all these fields.


  • Conditonal Logic: Conditional Logic is one of the advanced feature that is not available in most the WordPress form plugins. With conditional logic you can dynamically add and remove fields from forms.


  • Multipage forms: It is possible to divide the form into multiple pages. To divide the form into multiple pages all you have do is to add page break field and the form will automatically get divided.
  • Email Notifications: By configuring email notification settings you can configure email recipients whenever a form is submitted. So, you will get all the form data in your inbox as soon as it submitted by the user on your website.


  • Mandatory Fields: If you make any field mandatory then an error message will be generated if that particular field is left empty while submitting the form.
  • AJAX support: With AJAX support the form get submitted without refreshing the page. You can also redirect users to specific URL after submission of form.
  • Error and Confirmation Message: If there is any error then Gravity Forms generate a default error message similarly for successful submission a confirmation is generated. You can customize the text of these messages.

How to Create Themes for Gravity Forms

By using Styles and Layouts for Gravity Forms plugin you can create themes for gravity forms without any coding. This is a free plugin and you can download it from WordPress repository. Follow these steps to create a new theme.

  • Download and Activate Gravity Forms theme addon.
  • Now login into WordPress dashboard and open the page with form in frontend.
  • Click on customize button in admin bar and go to Styles & Layouts Gravity Forms panel to select Gravity Form for which you want to create theme.

open customizer

  • As soon as you will select the form from dropdown menu the page will automatically refresh. This will save your form selection into WordPress database.

select gravity form

  • Again go to Styles & Layouts Gravity Forms panel and you will see options to design the form by changing its colors, borders, alignment, set width etc. All the changes are previewed instantly.

gravity forms theme creator

  • Once you finalize all the design changes then click on Save and Publish button to save your theme.

gravity forms design

You can create unlimited themes and it is free to use.

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If any of the above steps is not clear to you to create themes for gravity formsĀ or you want to give feedback then leave a comment.

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