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Chromebook users use the Microsoft Office mobile app to edit documents

The Chromebook is a laptop running on Chrome OS operating system, it is designed to connect the internet with the data stored on the cloud server and the other applications. The Chromebook is an example of the thin client.

Google’s Chromebooks have virus protection built in software and is easy to use. Since it has the auto update feature, the system always has the latest version of the virus protection. Google launched all the Android apps to the Chromebook and they are all still in their beta stage, while some of the Android apps are not compatible with some of the Chromebook devices.

One of the most commonly used applications is the Microsoft Office suite was one of the app that is not compatible is some of the devices. The MS Office suite is available for the download, but the users are not able to install the application on their Chromebooks.


Microsoft blocks app installation

Because of the difficulty in installing the Microsoft office suite in the Chromebook raised speculation among the users of the device. The users thought Microsoft is intentionally blocking the application installation on the devices, but that is not the reason.

The software giant is aware of the compatibility issue and so they announced that they will partner with the technology company and work on this issue. As the apps are in the beta version in the Chromebook, both the companies join hands in building a good user experience. The strategy of the Microsoft Office Suite is not modified by the software company. The Microsoft Office suite is supported on the Chrome OS operating system and the users can access the app through the Google Play Store.

The Microsoft Office Suite

The MS Office suite consists of the applications like the Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft PowerPoint. All these applications in the suite are stand alone apps that are completely functional to create, share and edit the office files. From last year June the Office suite is applicable for all the Android users. The Android version of the Microsoft office app is considered as a companion app of the desktop version of the MS office.

This is one of the main reasons or the company to offer free MS Office suit for the mobile users, so that they can push their Android version of the app to the users. However, the launch of the Android app on the Chromebook changed the application.

Major source of revenue for the software company is received from the Microsoft Office suite and it is one of the applications that are freely accessible in the desktop environment. These applications are also available online in the format and different options like the personal, business and student package is also available for yearly and monthly subscription.

MS Office mobile experience on chrome device

The software company has made several efforts for a couple of years to offer cross platform support for all the services and applications. The supporting Android and iOs along with Windows 10 ecosystem is a keystone of the mobile and cloud productivity solution.

The Chromebook users accessed the Office application online and they did not have an exclusive MS Office suite like the ones that are available for the Android, Windows 10 and iOs users. So the tech company recently included the feature that enables the Chromebook users to access the Android app and also access the Play Store. This new update has increased the value of the Chromebook to a greater extent. The MS Office mobile application that is used by the Android users will also be accessed by the Chromebook users.

The Office applications allow the users to edit the documents for free; however it is compatible only for those devices that have the screen size smaller than 10.1 inches and the devices with screen size more than 10.1 inches must have an Office 365 subscription to copy edit the documents. The software company acknowledges the development and popularity of the Chromebook devices, as they continue to sell them in volumes in the potential market for the productivity solutions. So, when the Chromebook users are editing the presentations, spreadsheets or documents, it is understood that they are using the Microsoft Office Mobile app.

Steps to run Android applications on Chromebook devices

With the announcement of Google stating that they are updating all the Android applications to be compatible on the Chrome OS platform is a great news for the Chromebook users, however some of the users are already able to access through the Google Play store.

The machines that support are the Acer Chromebook R11, Chromebook Pixel 2015 and the ASUS Chromebook Flip. And all these devices must have the Chrome OS version 53 or above to access the android apps.

The users must switch to the Chrome OS developer channel to access the Play store, from where they can download and install the MS office suite or other android apps. The developer channel allows the users to test some of the new features available in the platform before being launched for the public use. But, sometimes they might also face some technical issues or problems.

Switching to developer channel

  • The users must follow some steps to switch to the developer channel on the Chrome OS, for this the users must do the following steps
  • The user must switch on and unlock the main account of their Chromebook.
  • They will be able to see an image on the bottom right corner of the screen; they must click on that image.
  • Once when they click on the image, they will see a few options popping up on the screen, from those options, the user must click on the Settings option.
  • When the Settings option is clicked, a new page appears on the screen. The user must click on the About Chrome OS option that appears at the top of the page.
  • In the new page, below some options the users can see a link that states more info, the user must click on the link to see further information.
  • The user will see many options on this page from which they have to select the Change Channel option.
  • A new page appears on the screen where the user must select the Developer option and then click on the unstable tab.
  • The page shows the warning message and they have to read the disclaimer and press the Change Channel option.
  • The Chromebook will automatically reboot the system and the device switches to the developer channel.

The Play Store

Though the user has the compatible Chromebook, it will not show the Play store option on the screen, the user must enable the Google Play store in their system.

The users must go to the settings option in the Chromebook main account and have to check the box that says ‘Enable Android app to run on the Chromebook’ from the Android Apps. They have to click on the Get started option and agree to the terms and conditions. The Google Play store will then appear on the screen.



The users must know that all the Android apps that are available in the Play store will not run on the Chrome OS. They can also undergo difficulties with the apps that run on the system.Because this is a new platform and the developers are trying their best to make the applications compatible for all the devices. There are chances for Chromebooks to replace laptops and desktop computers in the near future.

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