Best WordPress Cache Plugins-2017

Increase in page load times can lead to harm your site. Since there are some ways to enhance your website’s performance. But Caching is the best one way. Today, I m going to knowledge you about the five caching ways for WordPress.  As a result of using these plugins , you may   enhance the performance of your website.

What is Caching

A cache is a just small area in the memory of the computer that has capacity to store that information which is recently used. Cached site means, site’images, pages and objects are stored in the local hard drive of user.Whenever user check recently accessed files, Most of the files is cached by the browser.

When there is no need to retrieve files every time  from browser when you access the website. Then this will increase or better your website page load speed. Cache plugins operate in the same way. The dynamically saved HTML files which are cached and serve files every time whenever a new request is made except reload the all PHP script from WordPress.

Today, I will aware you about the best cache plugins of 2017 which helps you to better your Website rank after decreasing bounce rate and increasing your page load speed. As well as increase your website page views.

Best WordPress Cache Plugins

#1. Wp Rocket:-

Wp-Rocket is best wordpress cache plugins. The paid plan of this plugin start from  $39 in which  includes services like one year updates and customer support. For having  continous services like  updates and customer support after one year, the paid plan is $19.50 per year.

First of all, you have to check your website speed so that you can understand in well way to better your website performance. You can take advice from site web ” which cache plugin, I use “.

#2. W3 Cache:-

W3 Cache is best wordpress cache plugins that you can try  for free . But in a free version, customer support service is not present. If you have to keep this kind of service, paid plan for this service start from $75 for fifteen minutes.

You must consult your web host to which plugin use and its optimal setting.

#3. Wp Super Cache:-


At the end, I advice you to use try with W3cahce pluginSince this plugins are provided with many features like SEO and WPO by caching and more.

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