8 Best Websites That Help You Learn Coding Online

Today is the world of Coding  .Coding becomes craze for everyone in this modern world . Everybody in the world , usually teenagers or  a even also a  8 year children wants to learn coding  . In case , when they use Android phone or you can say iphone , apple and tablets etc  and met with a awesome apps which are very helpful for a every people in the world . Also the games , they play forces or motivate them to make game like that or different form that .Not only the game , but also motivate for making apps or softwares .There is no more world , when only Bill Gates and others have potential to learn coding .

Now Every person in the world have the ability to learn coding . Today , I will aware you  about some of  the best websites which can help you to learn coding online . So  you can learn coding or programming languages like Java , PHP , HTML , CSS and more . So let us start your journey towards the programming or coding .

Useful And The Best Websites That Will Help You To Learn Coding Online

1.  W3School:-

This is one of the best Websites to learn coding online . This is a websites which is useful for web  development . Here you can  learn basic of  programming  languages like  Java , JavaScript ,HTML ,C++ ,SQl ,  PHP with  references .  After learning , you can test   your knowledge about particular language by Quiz and also you  can  test   with   200 examples. Those who want to make career with coding , can get certificate on this websites . From this Website , more than 10,000 certificate have already issued onlineYou can learn coding online here without paying anything .

2. Code Academy:-

This is also the most famous site that will teach you coding interactively . When you visit this site , first you have to sign up to learn coding online . After you will see a cool interface and also courses like PHP ,,Phython, Ruby ,JavaScript and APIs. From there , you can choose a course which you want to learn. Just start learning coding online . Inside every course , there is a code panel that will help you to learn coding. You also don’t worry about mistake you make during learning coding . Code panel will show you the errors you made and also give you hints just like a teacher .


3.  Code Avengers:-

This website is usually designed so that you can love programming or coding .It offers only a just few courses like  JavaScript, CSS3 and HTML5 . But every courses is just cautiously  designed  to  entertain  you so  that  you can  learn coding  online painlessly. when you complete your course , you have to play mini game to remove stress .This site doesn’t go in depth for beginners. Just a bit of code which beginners can be learn easily . Its just designed for the beginners .

4. Code School:-

This website is not for beginners but for expert , those who work in industries an more . After learning coding from Code Academy and Code Avengers , You must start with this website to become expert in coding . There  are four main courses which you learn more in depth .

          .    Javascript   

          .    iOS

          .    HTML

          .    Ruby

There is a little bit more difficult challenge for person who want to learn coding . Still offers some hints if person face difficulty .Some of the offered courses are free .  But for some courses you have to pay $25 per month so that you are able to complete the whole course like challenges and rest of the courses in code School .


5.  Tree House:-

Courses in this website are just a project oriented , not the language oriented so that they are totally perfect for amateur programmer like building a website and applications .Here you will learn to build responsive sites , interactive site and also WordPress theme . You can also learn with videos , quiz . In Tree House , each course is categorized in different stage . For every stage , you have to subscribe or pay $25 monthly plan to learn all courses , plus 650 videos . If you really want to make future with coding , you have to subscribe or pay $49  monthly plan to learn coding in depth  with interviews , workshops .


6. Udacity:-

In this site , you will learn coding through video lectures and Quizzes . So this site  is for those who do not like read to learn coding but want to learn coding by videos lectures from industry professionals like Google employees so that you can take logic and also programming quizzes to increase your understanding.  The one cool thing about this website is that it contain more videos than other website .The only fault about this website is that most courses is related to each other .

7. CodeHS:-

This website is usually devoted to web development and Computer Science. In this website , you will learn fun game programming which include JavaScript ,data Structure , animation ,program solving , puzzle challenges and game design .The one good thing about this site is that it teach you think and   a fix problem as a  programmer . Here you will train how to move cat and puzzle problem like taking ball etc

Except other courses above we talk about , you have to first sign in  with payment of $25 per  month  to  move  on  to  your training .This is a  useful site to train in  basic    game programming .


SQL Stands for Structured Query Language . It is just developed to store and recover data from database . Here you can learn coding online  in SQL using SQL server, oracle and more .You learn here basic of Structured Query language  . One disadvantages is that if face problem to solve any query , you will get scarcity of  hints and answers .


I feel you find the article Best Website That Help You Learn Coding Online  useful for you . If you find this knowledgeable for you , so do sharing on social sites  . Any problem to learn coding online , you are feel free to ask and don’t forget to share your expericence  by comments section .

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