Best Websites For WordPress Training videos And Tutorial

WordPress is easy to utilize and a powerful product. Basically, wordpress is an online best tool, written in PHP to create simple  website. It also enable you to create completely working website and mobile applications also. It empowers 22.5% or more of all sites on the Internet. WordPress, the most powerful and valuable blogging tool  used to maintain site. So WordPress has become must have tool for every bloggers in the world. Many top companies use wordpress to empower their sites on Facebook, Google, Linkedin, Time magazines and more. This is short knowledge about wordpress. Now If you don’t know about wordpress. Even also the basics of it. Today, I aware you with the best websites for wordpress training videos and tutorials.

These websites helps you to learn basics of wordPress with training videos. Also, you will learn here tricks to avoid wastetage of time using wordPress. Even also you can serve video tutorials of WordPress to the clients in order, they can get more expertise.


Excellent Websites For WordPress Training 

#1. WP101:-

Wp101 is excellent websites to get knowledge of the WordPress. It provide you best wordpress traning video tutorial at some cost.

The prices of their plans, The WP101 offers are

  • $15 per month
  • $35 per year
  • $75 lifetime



In addition, WP101 also provide you  free wordpress training videos more than 40.

#2. WPBeginner:-

WPBeginner is free to utilize. But for this, resgistration is must to access (emails and name). This website give you 17 wordpress training videos tutorial . After the completion of registration process, wpBeginner serve you number of coupons for wordpres plugins, hostings and services also.


#3. Lynda:-

Lynda is best websites to get expertise in wordpress and in others courses. It is not free to utilize. It costs you $25 per month so as you can access all videos on this site. Not sole the wordpress training videos. Even also others videos on other topics like CSS, Javascript, SQL, web designing and more.


The WordPress Essential Training provide you 5 hours or more than this for wordpress training videos.  In addition, On Lynda, you find 1500 wordpress training videos and 60 or more than 60 others wordpress courses.


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