The Best Ways to Create a WiFi Hotspot on Windows XP

There are still users who use Windows XP and since most of them use tablets, smart phones and other wireless devices, so it is good to know how to turn the Windows XP machine into a wireless hotspot.

Yes, Microsoft stopped supporting Windows XP but that is not the reason why you shouldn’t have it installed on your PC. In the following article we are going to show you how to have your own WiFi hotspot.

Before we start let’s check if you have a functional network adapter. Most computers and laptops have this part preinstalled so in most cases you have nothing to worry about. However, it is good to check and you can do it in the Device manager.

In case there is no network card on your machine, you will have to get one. An excellent choice isa USB wireless LAN card. It is very simple to install it and it doesn’t require much space. Before you buy it make sure that XP is still supported so you can install the correct drivers.

Creating a WiFi Hotspot on Windows XP Machine

We would recommend you two proven ways in which you can do this.

#1 Use the Graphical Wizard to Create and WiFi Hotspot

Windows XP has a handy feature named Graphical Wizard which can be used to make your computer act like a WiFi hotspot by creating an AD HOC network. Please note that some users had troubles while trying to enable shared Internet connections but these errors don’t appear quite often.

STEP 1. Click the Start menu button and in the Search field type WIRELESS. You will see the“Manage wireless networks” window.

STEP 2. Now you should add a WiFi network and you will have to create an AD HOC network as well. Think of a name for your hotspot and a good password.

#2 Use the Command Prompt to Create and Wireless Hotspot on Windows XP

Besides the Graphical Wizard you can also use the Command Prompt to create a WiFi hotspot. This is another method which can make the WiFi Hotspot creation quite easy. According to this site the Command Prompt is quite a handy tool in Windows which can help you with lots of computer and network problems – like finding the router’s default IP (for example Default gateway:, renewing the dynamic IP address, and so on.

Please note that when you have to create a WiFi hotspot using the Command Prompt you have to be extra careful and take care not to make any typing errors.

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Here are the steps you have to follow.

STEP 1.First you have to open the RUN box. You can either click the Start Button and then click on the RUN button or if you want to do it like a pro, press the Windows key and the R key one after another. When the RUN window appears type “ncpa.cpl”.

STEP 2.Look for the box saying “Allow other network users to connect through this computer’s Internet connection”. Right-click on it and click Enable.

STEP 3. After you enable ityou open the Command Prompt. Again click the Windows key and R, and type CMD. When you click OK, the Command Prompt will show up.

STEP 4.Now type “netshwlan show drivers”. This will show you whether your machine supports WiFi hotspots.

If you see the following – Hosted network supported : Yes – it means that you can create one.

STEP 5. Now in the Command Prompt type “netshwlan set hostednetwork mode=allow ssid=Your Network Name key=Your Password”. Make sure to replace the Your Network Name with the name of your network and Your Password with the actual password. Press Enter.

STEP 6. Now you can use the following commands in Command Prompt.

  • netshwlan start hostednetwork – to start the network
  • netshwlan stop hostednetwork –to stop the network

STEP 7. In this step, if you want to share the internet connection, you have to click Change adapter settings in the Network and Sharing center. Right-click the connection, select Properties and in the Sharing tab check the part “Allow network users…”. Click SAVE.

Although the second way is maybe confusing for the everyday user, you will have no problems if you follow the steps carefully. Enjoy!

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